My 2016 Dream Destination Wishlist

February 12, 2016

At the beginning of the year, I vowed to make 2016 the year of Travel. Since finishing University last year, I’ve found myself with a serious case of wanderlust, I’m even prepared to go on a spending ban and halt my addiction to buying handbags in order to save for exploring new countries, cities and even new continents. I’ve been fortunate to visit some amazing places in my twenty-one years but I really want to focus on exploring brand new places, even though the struggle to go back to visit Mickey Mouse in Walt Disney World or eat macaroons along the Seine in Paris is real.

I’ve set myself with the goal of visiting six new places in 2016 which I know is pretty ambitious. I dream big and in the wise words of Walt Disney “If you can dream it, you can achieve it”. These are the following destinations I would LOVE to visit in 2016.

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Amsterdam is a place that I’ve always wanted to visit yet never really came close to booking a trip. I’m hopefully making a trip next month so look out for plenty of post’s and pictures of the beautiful canals and exploring the museums. I really want to visit Anne Frank’s House and possibly even hire a bike to cycle around the city.

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Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! I don’t think there is anywhere in the world like Vegas, such a buzzing atmosphere 24/7 – I think I would love it there. With incredible resorts such as Caesars Palace, The Venetian and The Bellagio amongst many others, you’ll be resting your head in style. I would love to visit the Venetian and see the Grand Canal. I’m not much of a party animal but I think I would step up if I visited Vegas and I think a pool party would be on the itinerary! And let’s not forget, I would NEED to go see Britney Spears.

New York City

Slightly breaking my rule of visiting new places but New York City really captured my heart when I visited back in 2012 for my 18th Birthday and I’ve spent the past three years pining to go back. I’d ideally love to visit at Christmas and see the decorations across Manhatten and do a spot of Christmas shopping. There really is no place like New York and I’d love to explore the city that doesn’t sleep more.

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Iceland is currently having a moment in the Travel industry, everyone seems to be booking trips and I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty envious. Seeing the Northern Lights is the top of my Mum’s bucket list so I would love to take her. I personally would love to visit the Blue Lagoon and do a tour of the Golden Circle and see the hot springs, Reykjavik looks like a great city to explore too.

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Italy is a place I would love to visit, Ideally, on a multi-city trip as It just seems like such an incredibly beautiful country filled with such a rich history and obviously, amazing food. Visiting Milan, Florence, Venice, Verona, Lake Como and the Amalfi Coast are all on my travel wishlist but If I was to pick one city it would be Rome. There’s so much to see and do in the Italian capital like visiting the Colosseum, the Trevi Foutain to make a wish and the Vatican. I’m pretty sure I’ve wanted to visit Rome ever since I watched The Lizzie Mcguire movie (haha!) which is such a lame reason but the city clearly captured my attention on screen!

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I thought I would also include a UK staycation on my list as Brighton is a place I’ve also really wanted to visit for such a long time. I’m hopefully going to plan a trip in the Summer, it seems like a bit of a trek for a northerner but visiting Brighton Pier and shopping in The Lanes will hopefully be worth it.

So there’s my 2016 Dream Destination Wishlist, fingers crossed I can hopefully make a couple happen! This post is an entry for’s #SendMeAway competition where you could win a fantastic holiday and an Olympus Pen! You can find more details here and I also nominate Hayley, Caroline and Liv to take part in this!

Where would you love to visit? Have you made any 2016 travel plans?
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12 responses to “My 2016 Dream Destination Wishlist”

  1. Theres some great places here. The northern lights is one thing i would love to see too, it looks amazing x

  2. Whitney Harries says:

    Amsterdam is stunning, you'll love it there! I also want to go to New York and Brighton this year! x


  3. Aiysha17 says:

    Lovely writing and some great choices! I'm heading to Las Vegas this year after I spend a month in L.A 🙂 Brighton is alright, by the way. The palace is stunning! It feels like you are in India as you walk around it. Amazing! They also have the best stuffed crab on the pier. 😀 Keep us updated on your travels, I can't wait to read them!

  4. Helerina says:

    Great choices! Amsterdam,Vegas and New York are in my wishlist of places to go too. I've booked New York for next year and can't wait ❤️

  5. Isabella Wong says:

    I would love to go to Iceland, that's one of my dream places to go as well! I hope you do get a chance to tick off some of these beautiful places this year 🙂 x

  6. Yousra Nawied says:

    I really want to visit Amsterdam, NYC and Brighton too! Hopefully you can go to all these places eventually and blog about it too!

  7. Laura Louise says:

    I'm going to Amsterdam in April, can't wait! I also want to visit Iceland & NYC this year, but it's unlikely to happen unless I win the lottery!! xx


  8. Stella Olojola says:

    I would love to visit New York too. Great post.

  9. Brand & Beauty says:

    Woow this are very cool places to have on your dream list. I always wanted to go to NEW YORK, I hear it is incredible. I wish you all the best of luck and hope you fulfill all the destinations. Looking forward for future travel posts xx


  10. Having been to Amsterdam I highly recommend it! It has beautiful traditional architecture, exciting bars and clubs, quieter more chilled bars (I don't even smoke by the way and I loved them) and fantastic deli's an restaurants. I'd also love to visit New York City at christmas and iceland. I think in the UK it would have to be Whitby during the goth weekend so I could go all out outfit wise.

  11. Lauren Powers says:

    Iceland is at the top of mine, it looks breathtaking

    Lauren x |

  12. We decided on Norway over Iceland but I'd also like to sneak in a trip to NYC if possible 😀 Gorgeous destinations!

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