4 Things to Know When Planning a Dog-Friendly Holiday

October 14, 2019

Choosing a holiday destination is hard enough when doing it for yourself or your family. Things become even more challenging if you’d like to take your furry friend with you. This, however, does not mean that you cannot get dog-friendly retreats to accommodate your needs and those of your dog. You have to carefully select a place that you and your dog will enjoy visiting. 

4 Things to Know When Planning a Dog-Friendly Holiday in the UK - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Before booking accommodation, find out their pet policy

Many hotels in the UK offer dog-friendly rooms. Even though it is convenient to book a room online, it is best to call and confirm your pet will be accepted and remain comfortable during the visit. It is vital to find out everything you can about the pet policy because some hotels only accept small breeds, like the Papillon. Others charge an additional fee for the pet or have limits on the number of pets you can bring.  

If you have scheduled activities that will require you to leave your dog in the room, it is necessary to find out if this is acceptable. You should also find out venues within the facility where dogs are not allowed. This information will help you decide if your dog is welcome in the hotel, or if you should look for another pet-friendly one.

Plan your itinerary to include your dog as often as possible

Dogs, just like you, enjoy a change in environment. It would be disappointing if you went with your dog on holiday only to leave him in the hotel room until you go back home. As you plan your holiday, find out where you can go with your dog. For example, find restaurants and coffee shops that allow their customers to come with their dogs.

Prepare your dog for the holiday

When taking your dog along on holiday, you need to take steps to ensure your dog remains safe during the trip. For example, you should have your contact on the dog’s ID tag. This way, if you unknowingly separate from your dog, you can easily be reached by the authorities or good samaritans.

You also need to note that a change of scenery can be stressful for your dog. It is best to carry familiar items to ensure your dog doesn’t get agitated by the move. For example, you should bring his favorite toys and bedding. You should also carry the necessary medication to help him cope with the change in the environment, which may include insect attacks during walks in the countryside.

Which attraction sites can you take your dog?

When going on holiday with your dog, you should try to see as much you can around the destination. This is because you don’t know when you’ll get the chance to visit again and staying active is a favorite pasttime for many dogs. You may not be able to visit museums with your dog, but there are other attractions you can enjoy in the company of your dog. The National Trust Website provides a guide on some of the destinations that you can visit with your dog.  

When your dog enjoys himself during the holiday that you have planned, you will have a fantastic time as well. It is best to take steps to ensure everything goes well for the both of you.


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