Escorted Travel Tours: The Pros & Cons!

July 29, 2018

Whilst out in America for 9 weeks, I spent the first three weeks on an organised escorted tour across the country from NYC to LA. The next six weeks were spent doing my own things, I spent some time travelling with people that I had met, did a few weeks planned by myself and the finally met my friend in NYC. I got to experience both sides of travelling within an escorted group, riding solo’ and planning everything myself.  When it comes to travelling, everyone is different but it’s got me thinking about my preferred way of travelling.

Escorted Travel Tours: The Pros & Cons! - Rachel Nicole UK Travel Blogger

Escorted Travel Tours

There are so many amazing tour companies around the world offering once in a lifetime trips. My main reasoning behind booking an escorted tour across America was because I was travelling by myself and I wanted to see a lot of America. The trip I chose allowed me to visit so many different destinations that I simply would’ve struggled to get around myself, especially as I don’t drive! These are also a few other benefits of deciding to go with an escorted travel tour:

Meeting New People & Making Friends for Life

I met some amazing people on my tour from all around the world, some of whom I have kept in contact and will remain friends for life. The tour was quite small with only 10 of us in the group so we quickly gelled together and became close within the three weeks. After the tour, I actually travelled around California with a few people from the tour.

Great if you’re travelling Solo

Everyone on my tour was travelling solo and the main reason I booked a tour was to meet new people and have company whilst in the US. Everyone was in the same situation so it was nice and not too awkward when we all met.

Expert Tour Guides

I’d say the main benefit of booking on to an escorted tour is having an expert tour guide. You are visiting so many destinations in a short amount of time so it’s great having someone with lots of knowledge who can tell you about each place.

You don’t have to worry about a thing!

As it’s an escorted tour, most of it is planned for you including the itinerary so you can sit back, relax and take in all the views. I went on my tour with an idea of what I would like to see in each destination but I didn’t have a solid plan and that was nice. I usually get so caught up in creating the perfect itinerary to see everything, it was nice to have it all done for me!

Escorted Travel Tours: The Pros & Cons! - Rachel Nicole UK Travel Blogger

Although I had a 10/10 experience on my escorted tour, there can be a few cons to take into consideration. Escorted tours do seem to be slightly on the pricey side but you’ve got to remember that everything is planned and sorted for you on these trips. The tours can also tend to be quite fast-paced. You sometimes don’t get to spend as much time in certain places as you would like. For example, I only spent an afternoon and an evening in Nashville and would’ve loved to have explored more. However, I think these tours are a great way to see lots of different places and get a taster and proper feel. You can always go back!

There are so many different tour operators on the market specialising in different areas worldwide and catering for different age ranges. Asia and Australia are next on my list of places to visit as I’ve not been to that side of the world, I’ve been looking at Jules Verne who have some great tours to India available. I’d recommend to always do your research, there are usually so many different tours offering a range of itineraries to inspiring destinations.

Escorted Travel Tours vs. Doing It Yourself

As I previously mentioned, I got to experience an escorted travel tour and travelling solo whilst creating my own itinerary in America. I don’t think you can really compare them both. It’s really down to the style of trip and travel you are wanting. I personally would do another escorted tour, especially if I was travelling solo but I still do enjoy planning my own trips and city breaks. There’s a lot to take into consideration and I hope this has helped anyone considering booking an escorted tour.

Have you been on an escorted travel tour? How to do you prefer to travel?


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