The top 5 beauty trends of fall 2019

October 2, 2019

Fall is here, and like every other season, it has its beauty trends. For anyone into beauty and fashion, this is the best time to figure out the latest trends. It’s only by knowing what’s trending that you can keep up, or even customize them to come up with your own beauty ideas. To help you understand the latest trends, here are the top 5 beauty trends of fall 2019.

The top 5 beauty trends of fall 2019 - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Simple perfumes

As fall sets in, temperatures start to drop, and people start dressing up in heavier clothes. This means you could end up sweating more inside your clothes. To stay fresh and confident all day, you need to find a good quality perfume with a simple scent. Such a scent should keep you smelling fresh, without affecting those around you. Check this jo Malone perfumes review for some of the best perfumes to keep you up- to -date with the trends this fall.

Go for a red velvet eye

Red velvet is a big trend in summer. However, it has found its way into fall. To stay trendy, mix it with a gold-tone. To make it even more captivating, apply the darker shades on the outer parts of your eyelid, and get lighter as you go inwards. You can brush over it in a wiper-like motion to create a smoky effect. This will make your eyelids stand out, even as you start to cover the rest of your body more. 

The top 5 beauty trends of fall 2019 - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Go for the dewy face 

In past years, fall has been characterized by more subdued makeup trends. However, in 2019, things are a little different. People are going for a bolder and fresher looking face. To achieve this look, go for a foundation that blends perfectly with your skin. To make the skin glow, you can choose to add a layer of light foundation. Not only will this keep you looking glam, but it will also protect your face, even as the weather begins to get colder. To make this look come out even better, you need to take lots of water. This will keep your face hydrated, as a perfect complement to your makeup.

Lip gloss

Beauty trends tend to repeat themselves after a few years. One old trend that is making a comeback this fall is the lip gloss. To keep up with the trends, go for dark lip gloss. It is the one that is gaining in popularity. However, you can go for the more traditional shimmery lip gloss. Some are also going for a mix of both, for a unique look this fall.

The faint flush 

This is one of the more popular looks for its muted fall appearance. To make it even more interesting, use an illumination brush on your cheek. It is the perfect look for a date this fall. While applying the faint flush, try and have it blend with your fingers. 

If you try out these trends, you should be up-to-date with the latest trends this fall. You can also come up with some inventive techniques, for a more personalized look. 


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