Getting Fit Without Joining The Gym

January 23, 2020

Although I didn’t really set any fitness related goals for myself in my 2020 resolutions, I do really want to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Ahead of my big trip to America, I want to feel fitter and just not be tired all the time. It’s definitely true that being active really can lift your mood. For about six months last year, I was a member of a local gym but to be honest, I was never excited about going. The on/off relationship with the gym has been going on for the last decade but for the moment, going to the gym is not a priority. So how do I plan on going on a getting fit and embarking on a fitness journey without the gym?

Getting Fit Without Joining The Gym - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

10,000 steps

I’m really lucky to live by the seaside, this provides a pretty stunning backdrop for some lovely walks. I’m only about a 10-minute walk from the beach and even during the Winter, I want to get out more and go on more long walks. Who knows this could lead to potentially going for a few runs on an evening. At the bare minimum, I want to make sure that I’m doing my minimum of 10,000 steps every day.

To keep up with tracking my steps, I’ve been looking into buying a smartwatch. There are so many Girls Smart Watches on the market, it’s so hard to figure out which one would be the best for me. Smart Watches do actually compare different brands such as Fitbit, Samsung, Apple and LG. I am tempted by the Apple Smart Watch as there are just so many advanced features alongside tracking your health & fitness.

At Home Yoga

As I mentioned before, you probably won’t find me in the gym in 2020. Not only will it be saving me money from membership, but I can also still get outside to exercise or even within the comfort of my own home. There are so many apps, YouTube videos and DVD’s which feature at-home routines. I’m specifically wanting to do yoga at home and have come across quite a few helpful videos where you can do 30-day challenges.

Getting Fit Without Joining The Gym - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Drink More Water

So for 2020, I’ve given up fizzy drinks (especially cutting out Coca Cola). It’s kind of a huge deal for me and I’m forever craving a bottle of coke but I’m 23 days in and going strong! I’m not sure that the ban will last in America as unlimited soda might get me but for now, I’m glad I’ve cut it out. I do feel better for it and it’s also beneficial to my teeth. In place of fizzy drinks, I do want to drink more water. The recommended amount is something like 2 litres but it’s completely do-able when you have a refillable bottle. The benefits of drinking more water include clearer and hydrated skin which I am all about that life.

Do you go to the gym? Do you have any fitness goals in 2020?


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2 responses to “Getting Fit Without Joining The Gym”

  1. claire says:

    I used to go to the gym, but I really didn’t enjoy it. Even when I went with a friend, I didn’t feel particularly motivated to go. I’m definitely an alternative fitness type of gal, so enjoy lots of walking & I follow along with youtube yoga videos every now and again. Gym life isn’t for me!! Haha.


  2. Kathleen says:

    Drinking more water is a super important one and such an easy change to up your health!

    Kathleen /

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