The Best Countries to Live In After Retirement

January 24, 2020

It’s really quite the dream to retire and move abroad to spend your older years relaxing in a quieter life. It’s not a bad vision to look ahead to and see your retirement years in a sunnier climate in a country such as Spain or Portugal. I know it’s not for everyone and the UK still is a great place to spend your retirement but I know this is something my parents would love to do.  Age UK Mobility have recently put together some really interesting findings from a recent study which shows some of the best countries for older people to live in.


Top of the list is Finland! It’s no surprise that the Nordic countries rank high on this list as they are known to be some of the happiest places to live. Finland is such a beautiful country and I’m sure that the natural and peaceful surroundings are the main draw for the older generation wanting to live here. Additionally, the country has great healthcare services which is ideal for older people. My only concern would be the winters in Finland as it can get very very cold.

The Best Countries to Live In After Retirement - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger


Another Nordic country to make the list as Denmark is the second-best country for older people to live in. I’m a huge fan of Denmark, I absolutely loved my trip to Copenhagen and found the people who lived here to happy and friendly. Obviously these are qualities which have paid off in this study. Denmark, along with other Nordic countries can be quite expensive but Denmark had a great property affordability index score and their health care is even better than Finland!

The Best Countries to Live In After Retirement - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

The Netherlands

In third place is The Netherlands and again, I’m not surprised. I’ve visited The Netherlands a few times now and I’ve always been pleasantly surprised. This is a country which is way more than it’s ever-popular capital city Amsterdam, the countryside in The Netherlands is utterly stunning with excellent transport links. The people here are so friendly and the country really isn’t far from the UK either.

The Best Countries to Live In After Retirement - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger


Coming in at 5th place in the recent study is Australia. It’s quite common for Brits to emigrate to the other side of the world but it’s a huge step, especially if you’re doing it in your elder years. Australia usually has excellent weather and has got great results across the board including a high life expectancy and good health care. For me, Australia would be my ideal place to emigrate to when I’m older. However, the long-distance aspect would be a concern.

The Best Countries to Live In After Retirement - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger


As I mentioned before, Spain is a pretty popular destination for Brits to emigrate to. The house prices are reasonable and the weather is pretty nice all year round. It’s also not too far from the UK with an average plane journey of around 2 hours.  Spain actually came 10th on the list of best countries for older people to live in. I’m surprised it’s not higher but stats show people are just happier elsewhere. Although Spain ranks very high for life expectancy – It must be all that Vitamin D.

Is moving abroad something you would like to do? Especially after retirement?


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