Travel Diary: 72 Hours in Copenhagen

February 18, 2017

Last week, I spent a couple of days in Copenhagen with my Mum. You might have noticed me mention it a hundred times on social media and I’ve been obsessively posting lots on Instagram. Copenhagen is seriously an Instagrammers heaven. It was our first trip to Denmark and we spent around 3 days in total but we could’ve done with another day. There was so much to see and do! Grab a drink as this post is going to be rather long. I’ve decided to do a travel diary style post with lots of photos. I’ll be doing a separate delicious food diary and a hotel review very soon!

Checking into the Kong Arthur Hotel

After a midday flight from Manchester Airport, we arrived in Copenhagen. It’s super duper easy to get into the city via the Metro system and our hotel was just around the corner from Nørreport. Our hotel was the Hotel Kong Arthur which was absolutely lovely and had an incredible spa. Checking in was a smooth process, we had a great 4th-floor room overlooking the entrance and lake. I’ll be going into further detail about my stay in another blog post.

Superbowl Sunday at Hard Rock Cafe

Despite a pretty long day travelling to Copenhagen, we had booked into Hard Rock Cafe for their Superbowl viewing party. For a VIP ticket which was around £32, we got a legendary burger, nachos at halftime and popcorn all night. Additionally, we got a bottle of beer each and 2 for 1 drinks all night. After winning half of the prizes on the pub quiz, seeing Lady Gaga rock the halftime show, we made our way back to the hotel at around 3.30am missing the pretty exciting last quarter where the Patriots won.

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Shopping & Nyhavn

Usually, I am Miss Organised when it comes to planning trips but there wasn’t a massive plan for Monday as most of the Museums and Royal Buildings that we wanted to visit were closed. We still hadn’t really caught our bearings with the city either so we spent most of the day wandering around the main shopping area and along to Nyhavn. This area is very tourist and popular with brightly coloured buildings along the harbourside. Although we got told numerous times to avoid eating in the area as it’s expensive, we stopped for churros. We also returned later for Pizza at a place called Gorm’s and it was pretty yummy. More on that in my food diary post, though!

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Visit Carlsberg

In fear of wasting the day completely as we had activated our Copenhagen Card, we decided to catch the S-Train to the Carlsberg Brewery. As I don’t even drink beer, it would seem odd to visit a brewery but really wanted to check it out. When in Denmark, ey? The Brewery is home to the largest collection of beer bottles which is the first thing you see – it’s quite an impressive collection. I’m not going to lie, I’m still none the wiser to how beer is brewed but it was interesting to hear about the history behind Carlsberg and discover where J.C. Jacobsen brewed the first Carlsberg beer.

With our entry, we got two drinks in the gift shop where there was a range of drinks to taste. It was quite surprising that one of the free drinks wasn’t Carlsberg but thankfully for me, there was Somersby Cider. Oh! I also became well acquainted with one of the horses in the stables! Despite having zero interest in beer, I really enjoyed the Carlsberg Brewery and would say it’s definitely worth a visit!

After enjoying the pizza I mentioned before, we went back to our hotel which had a spa that we were desperate to try it out. The spa was underneath the hotel and it was just so beautiful, a relaxing end to the day.

Botanical Gardens & Rosenborg Castle

The next morning we woke up to snow and I’d finally drafted up a plan of action! The first stop was The Botanical Gardens which was very close to our hotel in a beautiful park. The heated glasshouse made perfect refuge from the bitterly cold weather. You could also walk up a white spiral staircase and walk around the top of the gardens.

Over the road from the Botanical Gardens was Rosenborg Castle. There’s actually a few royal castles and palaces in and around Copenhagen but Rosenborg is home to the crown jewels. I believe it was originally built as a royal summer house, it’s a pretty swish summerhouse, right? The castle was unbelievably beautiful. I actually preferred this over the official royal residence Amalienborg Palace which we visited next.

Changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace

At 12pm, the changing of the guard takes place at Amalienborg Palace, where the royal family lives. The Guards set off from Rosenborg Castle where we had just been at 11.30am so we left in good time to see them arrive. It was so interesting to see this up close as there wasn’t too many people about unlike Buckingham Palace where there are always hundreds of people spectating. Amalienborg Palace is split into four building all facing in on a big square courtyard where the Changing of the guard takes place.

Inside of Amalienborg Palace, the museum focuses on the history of the royal family in the past 150 years. The top floor is otherwise known as The Royal Attic where there was so much of everything from outfits, paintings, toys and much more. I even spotted an Olympic torch from 2012!

Trekking to The Little Mermaid

Walking to The Little Mermaid which is about 15 minutes from Nyhavn in -3 degrees, snow, gale force winds, and by the sea wasn’t my finest hour. I couldn’t come to Copenhagen and not see The Little Mermaid but there were a few times I questioned whether it was necessary. The statue is in the middle of nowhere by the waterside on some rocks. There was a small gathering with people taking turns to climb down for photos. It’s quite a small statue and it’s nothing much but I think it’s nice that it’s become such an iconic sight in Copenhagen.

The Design Museum

The next stop was The Design Museum. One of the permanent collections was all about The Danish Chair. I’ve never seen so many different chairs in one place. I’m really interested in Danish design so it was really great to see some of the collections but if that isn’t your thing there were also other exhibitions on fashion and Japanese art.

Den Blå Planet

Visiting Den Blå Planet was on my must-see list. Mainly just to see the incredible exterior building sitting along the waterfront by the airport. We caught the metro out to Kastrup and it was only a short walk to the aquarium. I just can’t get over the design of this building – It’s worth a visit just to see this in person. The aquarium had a massive variety of sea life including some cute sea otters and an amazonian rainforest. There was supposed to be snakes and crocodiles in the rainforest but we couldn’t find/see them which was slightly worrying.

We headed back into the city for burgers at a place called Cock’s & Cows and then drinks at our hotel. I won’t spill the beans too much on the food as it’ll be in another post but we ate burgers in a tent outside in the snow and it was pretty amazing.

The Round Tower

We had an early start on our last day to fit in a couple more sights in the city. I was super excited about visiting The Round Tower as it had been recommended by so many people. A tower without steps, what’s not to love? A spiral cobbled pathway leads to the top of the tower, it’s so picture perfect too. The ramp was built like this so the king could ride his horse right to the top where you can experience picturesque views over the city. It was still snowing on our final day in Copenhagen meaning that the city had a white blanket on the rooftops. It was just so bloomin’ pretty.

Hans Christen Anderson Fairytale House

By the town hall is the Hans Christen Anderson Fairytale House. I originally thought this was more of a museum on his life but the more I researched about the place, it turned out it’s more of a family attraction. The beginning was promising as it was going over H.C’s background and history but it actually was all about his fairytale’s. Each room was a different tale where you would stand for 5 minutes and a little exhibition would read you each story. I didn’t think much of this place and would only really visit if you are passing with a spare 20 minutes and have a Copenhagen Card so it’s free.

The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Our final spot was The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek on the south side of Tivoli Gardens. This museum has the largest art collection in Denmark with many spectacular statues and Egyptian and Roman collections. I mean all Art Galleries are pretty but this one had palm trees which was quite incredible.

On the way back to our hotel we stopped off at Torvenhallerne which is a food market to grab a bite to eat aka many danish pastries. After checking out, it was time to head to the airport on the metro. Copenhagen Airport is seriously huge and duty-free was incredible. Hermes, Burberry, Mulberry, Marc Jacobs, Gucci.. the list goes on!

I though I would also add that before visiting, I got told that Copenhagen is such an expensive city. I’d tend to agree and disagree at this statement. I found that eating out in restaurants was very expensive, our meal at Cock’s & Cows was nearly £50. There were bargains to be found, some shops had amazing sales; I picked up some Urban Decay lipsticks for £6 in Magasin. Visiting attractions, museums and travelling on public transport was covered on our Copenhagen Card which was around £60 for a 48-hour pass. According to their website, we saved over £100 with our cards so that cut our costs.

Our time in Copenhagen flew by in a flash and I had such a great trip. The city is well worth seeing with some much to do and visit, we could have certainly done with staying another day. I’d really like to visit in the Summer when it’s slightly warmer and Tivoli Gardens is open. Well done if you’ve made it to the end of this mammouth post. Stay tuned for more Copenhagen posts, I ain’t finished yet!

Have you been to Copenhagen before? Do you want to visit?

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49 responses to “Travel Diary: 72 Hours in Copenhagen”

  1. Copenhagen looks amazing. I’ve never been, but it looks like you squeezed lots in. As for the monday, it’s nice to have a day or two without a plan and travelling almost aimlessly x

  2. Sarah says:

    It looks like an amazing place! I love all the colours of the buildings x

  3. My best friend goes to school in Copenhagen now, and I’ve wanted to go ever since I watched the film based on Hans Christian Anderson’s life. Especially the mermaid, I’m so glad you got to see her!

  4. nicol says:

    Copenhagen is on my to visit list! i looks so nice in the snow too. i need to visit there one day

  5. Amazing! looks like you had an amazing time in Copenhagen, you have so great pictures as memory of this time. I wish I could travel more often and get to see so many amazing places with my own two eyes 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful journey to Copenhagen 🙂

    Leslie xoxo

  6. Kacie says:

    I never knew there was so much to do in Copenhagen! Rosenborg Castle is stunning.

  7. stephanie says:

    I was looking at heading to Copenhagen before Christmas, and looked at staying at the same hotel. I’d love to go this year x

  8. You look so lovely in these photos. Love your hair- what a great color!

  9. Wow you did so much in 72 hours! It looked like so much fun and I loved the photos — PLUS your coat is so cute!

  10. Lilinha says:

    I would love to visit Copenhagen, the architecture is so beautiful! 🙂

  11. Ooh I would love to visit Copenhagen – Am I right in thinking that the Carlsberg brewery was probably the best tour in the world? 😉

  12. I am so glad you had an awesome time in Copenhagen, there’s some bits you’ve done which I haven’t so I definitely need to make another visit. I think if you look around you can find bargains for most things but I am used to London prices so didn’t find it expensive like others have x

  13. Loving the architecture, it remind me of Amsterdam. I would just love to go to the Hans Christen Anderson museum. You’ve definitely sold Copenhagen to me

  14. Jessy says:

    Copenhagen looks like such a beautiful place and your photography only does it justice.

  15. Zoe IKIWN says:

    Oh this place looks beautiful, exactly my kind of city break with lots of history and cool old buildings. That castle is a dream 🙂 I love your leopard print coat too, by the way!

  16. Kayleigh says:

    Copenhagen is on my ‘To Visit’ list! Your photos are amazing of the place – can’t wait to visit!

    Kayleigh x

  17. Lubka Henry says:

    The pictures are amazing and Copenhagen’s beauty shines even through the little snow layer 🙂

  18. I have seen so many people visiting Copenhagen in the past few weeks and now i am itching to go there! Your pictures look incredible! x

  19. melissa major says:

    I have never been to Copenhagen before but it look like an amazing place to visit. I will have to visit one day

  20. Jo says:

    Your night at The Hard Rock Cafe sounds awesome! Beautiful pictures x

  21. I have always wanted to go and see Copenhagen and after seeing your blog and all those wonderful amazing pictures, it makes me want to go even more!!

  22. Amelia Larsen says:

    I’m super jealous after reading this post! Me and my boyfriend are on about visiting her and Oslo later on this year. I’m hoping the plans come off x

  23. I would love to go to Copenhagen one day!! Plus your bobble hat is super cute!

  24. Kirsty says:

    It sounds like an absolutely dream 72 hours get away. I love the round tower visit that sounds so good and the photos are stunning!

  25. Great pictures! Copenhagen is a lovely city, in a beautiful country 🙂

  26. Lyndsey says:

    I am just dying to visit Copenhagen, your photos make it look so beautiful too!! Great post!

  27. Laura H says:

    Soo many people seem to be visiting Copenhagen at the moment and I can see why! Your photos are absolutely beautiful, I love how colourful the city looks 🙂

  28. Amanda says:

    Copenhagen is top 3 travel bucket list places for me! And your photos are just beautiful! x

  29. Jess says:

    It’s so picturesque, I’d really love to visit Copenhagen! Looks like you fit loads into your visit 🙂 The Carlsberg Brewery sounds fab!

  30. Dena Jayne says:

    You did a lot in 72 hours! Looks a lovely place to visit xo

  31. I have never even thought about travelling to Copenhagen but it souns so interesting. Thank you

  32. Joanna says:

    Copenhagen looks like such an amazing place to go with loads to see and do. Stunning photos

  33. Jollies and Jaunts says:

    Copenhagen is one of my favourite places – visiting again this summer. If you go back, I definitely recommend visiting Church of Our Saviour – it has a gorgeous spire and the last few steps are on the outside of the tower!

  34. I love Copenhagen. It’s such a beautiful city. I spent two years as a child living there and still love going back.

  35. This looks like so much fun!! I haven’t been to Copenhagen yet, but it is definitely on my bucket list!

  36. Joanna says:

    I have spent 24 hours in Copenhagen last year and I remember many of the places you talk about in your article. I wish I had more time, to get to know more the food scene, I remember living only on hotdogs and pastries while I was there. Those hot dogs were so good! 🙂

  37. Ali Clifford says:

    this is SO timely! Just sent you a tweet… I’ve got questions!
    Guess where I’m going for my birthday treat this weekend?!

  38. Madeeha says:

    Wow…. Such a beautiful place. Definitely will visit. Botanical Garden is looks lovely.

  39. Haydy says:

    Cocks & Cows is life! Can’t wait to head back to Copenhagen this June as there’s a few places on your list I’ve missed on my recent trips there!

    Squibb Vicious

  40. I’ve been to Copenhagen twice – once for work, and once to meet up with my sister, who was over from New Zealand on a conference. I’d love to get out of the city and see more of the surrounding areas. x

  41. I’ve wanted to go to Copenhagen for the longest time. The flights there are so cheap! Your pics are fab and making me want to go even more haha

  42. Dani says:

    Visiting Copenhagen is so high up on my bucket list – how pretty do the docks look!?
    I cannot wait to go one day 🙂

    Dani x

  43. Nadia says:

    So glad to see you enjoyed my birth place 😊 You must go back in the summer time where it’s even more magical x

  44. Becca Talbot says:

    I went to Copenhagen back in October 2015, but I only went for the day – we managed to cram a lot into 6 hours, but reading your post there are still loads of things for me to do there, so I may have to go back! X

  45. Jacqueline says:

    I love any city that has large amount of cultural history. I could spend the entire trip studying the architecture alone. It looks like you had a lovely time. Like you I think I would want to visit in the cooler months. There might be less tourists etc. I enjoyed your images, thanks for sharing.

  46. Anosa says:

    Wow! You have achieved and visited almost every place in Copenhagen for seventy-two hours! You have amazing photos too! It now makes me think of going to Copenhagen too!

  47. nat says:

    A trip to COPENHAGEN is going ti be booked soon. i went twice when I was little but can’t Remember everything. i have family who live there so Id be able to stay free of charge. im definitely going to be booking flights over soon. ive saved this blog post too for when I go back. looks like heaven

  48. Amita says:

    Copenhagen looks like such a beautiful city, I’d love to visit! I had booked it for last year but was unable to go unfortunately. Hopefully I’ll make it happen this year. Your pictures look beautiful xx

  49. Eden says:

    This is great. I just finished reading Helen Russell’s book A Year of Living Danishly and now I can’t wait to visit Denmark. I’m especially excited for the pastries! Thanks for sharing.

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