10 Make-up Tips for Girls with Glasses

February 23, 2017

Modern life isn’t easy for girls with glasses, as anyone who’s ever tried to run, go swimming or even take a shower without their trusty lenses will know.  Adapting your make up routine to suit your frames can be tricky, and when you get new ones you might need to totally change up your daily look.10 Make-up Tips for Girls with Glasses - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

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Choose Brushes with Short Handles

Travel make up brushes, which are made with shorter handles are perfect for those of us who need to get right up close to a mirror when applying makeup. If you don’t wear your glasses when applying, you probably won’t be able to see properly. Using regular brushes which have long handles could hit the mirror if you get too close. Buy a few travel brushes and voila, problem solved!

Go Big on Brows

A lot of us glasses girls are worried about putting too much emphasis on our eyebrows. If you really want to turn heads, a perfectly preened pair of brows are the way to go. Eyebrows frame your glasses in the same way that your glasses frame your eyes. Don’t leave them out when it comes to your makeup routine! Get yourself a full brow kit and go to town on them.

Switch Your Specs

If you really want to be able to work a range of different makeup styles, it’s essential that you have a few different pairs of frames. Of course, everyone needs a classic pair of black frames to go with almost everything. Matching a pair of red frames with your favourite lipstick is a total game changer. Buying a couple of pairs of more affordable glasses to change up with your regular pair will prevent you from breaking the bank on this one.

Volumise Lashes, Don’t Lengthen

Mascara is an absolute essential for most of us. If you’re going to be wearing glasses you need to avoid using any mascaras that will lengthen your lashes too much. This could cause them to hit your frames. A good volumising mascara will give you all the definition you need without causing you any problems, adding layers to your lashes and building them outwards, not upwards.

Use Eye Shadow Primer

Eye shadow primer isn’t just for your eyes; it’s actually a genius way to stop your glasses from sliding down your nose! Simply dot a little bit of eye shadow primer on the bridge of your nose before applying your makeup. If you really want to go for it, you can finish with some matte powder, which will heighten the effect.

Counteract Shadows with Concealer

Wearing glasses can often have the unfortunate effect of casting shadows below your eyes, especially when you’re in a room that is lit harshly from above. To counteract this effect, use an under eye concealer that is a bit lighter than your usual shade. Although shadows will still be cast, the lighter concealer will balance them out and make it appear as though there is no shadow at all.

Experiment with Eyeliner

If you have a pair of classic black frames, you can take advantage of the neutral colour and experiment with different coloured eyeliners. This works especially well on the lower lid, providing a stand out look that is perfect for a night out. Grab yourself some coloured eyeliner pens, or simply apply coloured eyeshadow to your lower lashes using an eyeliner brush.

Conceal Red Marks

It’s no secret that glasses can often leave unsightly red marks on your nose, under your eyes and even at your temples. If you are prone to red marks, cover the area beforehand using a tinted moisturiser. Keep applying throughout the day if necessary. You could also get your glasses tightened, as red marks are often a sign that frames are too loose.

Blot Your Foundation

We’re used to blotting lipstick, but how about foundation? If you wear glasses, excess foundation can rub off on your frames. This can cause smudges and stains – not the look you’re probably going for. By simply blotting off excess foundation before applying a finishing powder you can avoid this and make sure your makeup stays put all day.

Take Advantage of Big Frames

Those who’ve taken to the trend of large frames have a distinct advantage when it comes to eye shadow. The more space you have inside your frames, the more you can play with a super smoky eye or colours that complement your glasses. So grab an eyeshadow palette and go wild!

Do you have any other tips?

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6 responses to “10 Make-up Tips for Girls with Glasses”

  1. Anosa says:

    ohh, this are great points to consider. indeed it’s not so easy to wear glasses all the time.

  2. Sam panasuik says:

    Great tips! I usually always wear contact lenses, but i’ve ordered new glasses in the hope i wear them out more. I’ll be using your tips soon enough! 🙂

  3. YES to volumise don’t lengthen!!! I have long lashes anyway and I live with constant mascara smears!!!

  4. My glasses always leave marks on my nose, it’s so annoying!

  5. Rachel says:

    As a glasses wearing I could agree with you more about volume and not length for lashes x

  6. I rarely wear my glasses as I don’t really know how to do my makeup when I wear them. I love the hints here, especially the blotting one as my glasses slide on my nose constantly!

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