Saving Money for Travels in 2020

January 22, 2020

2020 is looking like a pretty expensive year for me. I’ve got a few big trips planned alongside saving to buy a house towards the end of the year. My next trip is three weeks in America in March so I’ll be needing quite a bit of spending money. I’ve been trying my absolute hardest to save some extra pennies and thought I would share some of my top tips for saving money.

Saving Money for Travels in 2020 - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Cashback Websites

For the last couple of years, I’ve been religiously using Quidco to get cashback on my online shopping. This is also brilliant if you are booking a hotel or flights as you usually get a decent amount back. The cashback can take a while to process and get confirmed but in the end, you do end up with a fair bit of free money you wouldn’t have otherwise. I’ve just drawn out £50 to pop in my savings as well as earning £20 on booking a few hotels on my upcoming trip! I use Quidco which you can sign up with my referral link here to get £10 free when you earn your first £5! There are a few other cashback sites but they all cover similar websites from clothing, travel, electricals and even services such as insurance and electricity.

Airtime Rewards

Another cashback service I have been using is Airtime Rewards which an app which you connect your credit/debit card to and whenever you shop in selected stores it tracks cashback as credit to redeem against your phone bill. I joined this app in November and I have earnt around £40 in cashback so far and I’ve been able to take £20 off my January phone bill and £20 off Februarys! Shops included for cashback are places such as New Look, Matalan, Wilkos, Boots, Primark and many more. If you join Airtime Rewards with the code “RFEWPQFB” you will get 50p free credit and another £1 for making a purchase within 7 days.

Price Check Household Bills

You can get quite comfortable with paying for things such as Gas, Electric, Broadband and TV packages. It can be really beneficial to shop around every so often and potentially switch providers to get some really good deals. Especially with Energy, there are so many tools online which can compare and see whats the best move for a switch to save money. You could end up saving hundreds.

TV and Broadband Packages are similar with deals always changing. There are some great comparison options for Broadband with no upfront costs with also free installation to make the whole experience easy and stress-free.

Cutting Down on Eating Out

This is a personal one for me as we eat out so much. I think over the last couple of months we’ve made a small effort to cut back but it was hard over Christmas. It’s one of our worst habits where we will eat out or get a takeaway multiple times a week and it soon adds up. In 2020, I’m going to make a conscious effort to cut back and if we do go for food to use 2 for 1 Meerkat Meals or check if there are any offers.

Saving Money for Travels in 2020 - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger


I have to admit I become a little bit of a coupon queen. Especially when booking hotels or holidays, I always search for a coupon as saving 10% or even just 5% can make such a big difference on a big spend. I also have the plug-in Honey installed on my laptop which scans for available coupons and will automatically use the best one. Although, I do have to point out that if you do use a coupon, you usually can’t claim for cashback at the same time.

Loyalty Cards

I know some people don’t bother with loyalty cards for certain stores but considering they are free to use, you have nothing to lose. The ones that I use frequently are Boots Advantage Card, Costa Coffe Club, Space:NK N’Duldge Card & Debenhams Beauty Club. I think we’re all aware that the Boots Advantage Card is probably the best one out there, you receive 4 points to every £1 you spend but more often than not there is usually deals to get double points and extra points on certain items. I usually save my points and treat myself to something special.

Selling Unwanted Items

Probably the most obvious way to make money is to sell unwanted items. This is something I need to do in the next couple of weeks; list lots of items on my eBay and Depop. I also want to make an effort of having a proper clear-out. As Marie Kondo would say, if it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it.

So there are just a few ways to save money in little ways. After all, every little helps and those pennies will make pounds! I’ve done quite well so far but I’d love to know if you have any other tips for saving money!


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