Guest Post: Home Security While Travelling

May 1, 2018

Before travelling away, don’t forget to protect your home from burglary. Empty homes are more likely to be burgled, so extra measures should be taken to reduce the risk of returning to an emptied home.  

Here are some of the top dos and don’ts to protect your home while away:  

GUEST POST: HOME SECURITY WHILE TRAVELLINGDo try to make your property appear occupied.

Burglars normally avoid occupied properties and as a result, they will think twice before breaking into your home if there is a possibility that it’s not empty. There are several ways to make your property appear occupied; one of the best and easiest ways is to leave your radio and lights on a timer.  

Don’t leave a spare key under the doormat.

It’s where everyone leaves their spare keys and the burglars are well aware of it.  If you need/want someone to check your home while away, simply leave the key with them.  

Do cancel your mail.

Contact the post and ask them to hold your mail during your absence. Also, don’t forget to cancel deliveries or have them redirected. Just like a packed mailbox, piles of newspaper and milk bottles on your doorstep clearly reveal that you’re away.  

Don’t tell everyone when you are going on vacation.

It’s not that you should be suspicious of your friends or colleagues but they may unintentionally reveal your absence to the “wrong” people. A former burglar also advises not to enter the dates of your vacation to a calendar, especially if it’s facing the window. Lastly, don’t post when you are going away on social media. You can brag about your trip when you get back.  

Do have your locks and latches checked by professionals.

Just because you are not having any issues with your doors and windows, that doesn’t necessarily mean the locks and latches are functioning. Furthermore, a locksmith in Livingston explains that they often detect malfunctions when everything seems to be working normally. This is because most homeowners get so used to the way their doors are locking that they don’t notice when a problem occurs.  

Don’t assume your home security system will protect you.

It may be true that burglars don’t want to be seen or heard but in order for your home security system to drive them away, it obviously has to work. But will it really? The only way to find out is to test it or have the professionals test it for you if you’re unsure.  

Do ask your neighbour to keep an eye on your home during your absence.

But before that, be kind to them and be prepared to return the favour. Also, it’s a good idea to ask them to park in your driveway to create the impression that the property is being occupied.  

 Do you have any tips for leaving your homes secure whilst travelling?

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