Four Tips for Straightening Hair When Dry

August 26, 2019

One of the things that a lot of people with dry hair struggle with is straightening without weakening it. A lot of heating methods have been said to damage dry hair and sometimes may even lead to hair loss. Finding the right straightening method does not have to be daunting, you can always find a method that works for your dry hair and stick to it. That said, below are a few easy ways to straighten dry hair while avoiding damage and loss.

Four Tips for Straightening Hair When Dry - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Brush when wet until it dries

This is a gentle way of straightening your dry hair. The good thing about this method is that you don’t need too many tools or product to get it done. If you are wondering which brush to use, start with a wet brush. After washing your hair, use a soft brush to brush it through until it dries. While brushing, ensure to hold it straight with your hand to encourage it to dry in that state. After you are done, you can apply oil to the edges, and remember to use a silk scarf when sleeping to avoid frizzing.

Flat iron

Flat ironing is yet another great way to straighten dry hair, and choosing the right flat iron goes a long way to providing the results you want. Before you buy your flat iron, do your research to find out how your preferred option will work with your hair type. You can click here for information on the best types of flat iron. Also, a great way to find out more about a particular flat iron is to see what other users are saying about it. Look for as much review as you can before making a purchase.

Four Tips for Straightening Hair When Dry - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Use elastic bands

With this method, you will only require a few elastic bands and a little of your time before you sleep. Divide the hair into two or three parts and use one elastic band to tie them. On each part of the hair, add elastic bands down the hair leaving like an inch or so in between. Use damp hair and avoid tightening the elastic bands to avoid leaving marks on the hair once it is dry. 

Use a homemade straightening mask

There are different types of natural straightening masks you can make at home. For instance, you can add one egg to two cups of milk and soak your hair with the mixture. After 10 minutes squeeze it out and tie a plastic cover on it for about 30minutes. Rinse the hair at this point. Alternatively, you can mix a cup of whole or coconut milk with a tablespoon of honey. Let it sit in your hair for an hour then rinse it out. 

Wrap up…

Straightening hair doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you are struggling with dryness. The above tips are easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. Select what you feel makes you comfortable and use that, or even different methods and get to enjoy the different benefits they come with. 


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