First Impressions on Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Skincare

August 22, 2019

I’ve been aware of the brand Tony Moly for the last couple of years but I’ve not tried anything. Tony Moly is a South Korean brand specialising in skincare which K-Beauty has really been having a moment lately so I thought this would be the pefect time to try something. Tony Moly is also known for it’s super cute themed collections but aside from the fun items they do have a few high end innovative products. To begin with, I thought I would keep it cute and fun and and the Panda’s Dream Collection stood out to me for the adorable packaging. Tony Moly has also just joined and I knew I would have to pick up a few bits and do a first impressions.

First Impressions on Tony Moly Panda's Dream Skincare - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger First Impressions on Tony Moly Panda's Dream Skincare - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Panda’s Dream Nourishing Hand Cream

I couldn’t resist picking up the Panda’s Dream Nourishing Hand Cream as the packaging is just so damn cute. To be honest, this is just your standard hand cream, it smells nice and does moisurise your hands. Essentially, you are paying for the panda packaging which is fair enough. It’s quite a big tub so I can imagine it would last you a couple of months if you used it daily. The cream is actually formulated with manuka honey and bamboo sap so they are decent ingrediants which can only do good for your skin.

First Impressions on Tony Moly Panda's Dream Skincare - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Panda’s Dream Refreshing Eye Serum Stick

I was very intrigued by the next product which was the Refreshing So Cool Eye Stick. This product claims to be an eye serum which brightens, reduces wrinkles and dark circles whilst all been cooling and moisturising. It’s been quite a good time for me to test out this product as I’ve been a little run down recently and the dark circles were getting out of hand. I’m not saying that this is a life changing product but I do think that it’s help brighten my under eyes and it did feel quite cooling and lovely on application. This product was under £10 so it’s worth giving it a try if you’ve got dark circles you are trying to tackle. This product is a winner for me.

Panda’s Dream Radiance Mask for Eyes

Tony Moly do a range of facemasks which I believe are very popular and well loved. I decided to keep with the Panda’s Dream theme and try out the eye mask. This was under £3 so in my eyes (no pun intended), it’s quite the bargain. This mask is similar to the previous product in which it promises to reduce dark circles and be cooling and moisturising. I use these sort of masks to cool the are and reduce any puffiness and I think this was a decent mask. I’d really love to try out a few more of the sheet masks from Tony Moly.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with these three products and would love to try some more. They are all pretty afforadable, nothing was over £10 and the packaging is super cute.

Have you tried anything from Tony Moly? Do you have any product recommendations?


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