Preparing for a Camping Staycation

September 2, 2019

With Summer nearly over, you might be able to just squeeze one last staycation in whilst the weather isn’t too bad. The bonus of waiting until September? Hopefully, the kids will have gone back to school and things are slightly calmed on the travel front. There is so much to consider when going on a camping staycation, the main question is where? There are so many brilliant destinations in the UK for staycation from the Lakes, Northumberland and Cornwall. I’ve put together some of my top tips for preparing for a Camping Staycation. 

Preparing for a Camping Staycation - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Finding the perfect Camping Destination 

As I said before the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing where you are going to camp. There are camping sites all over the UK with some really great on-site facilities. We all know how much I love the Lake District and there are some great camping spots there which are super accessible to all the nearby attractions and beauty spots. Alternatively, if camping seems a bit daunting, glamping might be something to consider as your pod or whatever is already set up for you.

Making sure you’ve got the proper Equipment 

One of the most important things when preparing for a camping trip is to have the proper and top-quality equipment. Starting with a tent, you want a pretty decent quality tent with plenty of room. Even for two of us, I have a four-man tent with a little entrance area just to make sure there’s plenty of room.  Other things you’ll need is a sleeping bag, a foam mattress for a more comfortable sleep and cooking equipment if you are planning on cooking yourself. If there is a few of you camping, it might be quite nice to have a gazebo to relax under on an evening. Pop up gazebos are so easy to use and are also pretty handy to shelter you from the rain.  

Preparing for a Camping Staycation - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Packing the essentials… like snacks 

It’s always good to bring some food along with you even if you are planning to eat out. I do find that cooking whilst camping is pretty fun and you can come up with some great dishes even on a small campfire. If you don’t fancy making a full-blown meal, it’s always good to have snacks especially marshmallows which you can toast.

Preparing for a Camping Staycation - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Preparing for all types of weather 

The good old great British weather can certainly be very unpredictable. Knowing my luck, it would end up raining on the one weekend we decide to camp. I’ve experienced camping in all sorts of weather and to be honest, you just need to be prepared. As I said before, having a pretty good quality tent will help if it rains to avoid any pesky leaks. I’ve also camped in Spain and the heat was unbearable inside the tent, I don’t really have any advice for camping in the heat except bring a fan!

Have you been camping recently? Do you fancy a UK Camping Staycation? 

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