Travel Experiences for Equestrians

September 2, 2019

Today’s post is great if you are a horse lover as I’m looking at incredible experiences for equestrians on their travels. I think that it’s wonderful that even if you go on your travels, you can always find some amazing things to do and great horseriding trails. I’ve teamed up with Spillers Horse Feed who offer a huge selection feed tailored to your horses or ponies nutritional needs to put together this post on some of the best experiences around the world.  

Travel Experiences for Equestrians - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Horseback Riding on the Beach 

To be honest, this is something I’d absolutely love to do. Especially in somewhere like California to ride a horse along the sandy shores of the West Coast would be such a beautiful experience. Whether you’re a big fan of horses or not, you’ve got to admit that it would be a great bucket list item ticked off.

Camping with your Horse 

Have you ever thought about taking your horse away with you? You could take your horse camping with you and there are even dedicated camps where you can join like-minded people with their horses and learn new skills and spend quality time with your horse and develop your relationship.

Travel Experiences for Equestrians - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Go On A Horse Safari in South Africa 

Whilst going on a Safari is on my bucket list, it would also be pretty incredible to take part in a horseback safari. You do need to be a pretty experienced rider for this one though as you will be riding in the plains of Botswana and who knows what animals you may come across. You might be lucky enough to see the big five whilst on this iconic ride. This definitely is a once in a lifetime experience 

Experience the Golden Circle in Iceland on Horseback 

Another once in a lifetime experience would be visiting the Golden Circle in Iceland but riding the lava fields on horseback. Horses actually are a huge part of the Icelandic history and they are also noticeably on the smaller side but the Viking Horses are still so powerful and majestic. Whilst most horses have three gaits, the Icelandic breed has two additional one used in racing and the Tölt which is a soft way of riding. It sounds like such an amazing and unique experience as you follow the trail through the Mosfellsdalur valley and take in the beautiful scenery.  

Travel Experiences for Equestrians - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Visit The Spanish Riding School 

Earlier this year, I visited Vienna and came across the Spanish Riding School in the Hofburg area. The riding school is one of the most prestigious in the world and has been running for over 450 years! The world-famous Lipizzaner horses take the centre stage as they show of their unbelievable skills. If you are ever in Vienna, it’s worth visiting. You can either book to watch their morning training session or if you book well in advance you might be able to catch a gala performance.

Does any of these experience sound like something you’d love to do? Do you have your own horse? 

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