Hotel Gold River & Hotel Callaghan, PortAventura World & VLOG!

May 21, 2017

On my recent trip to PortAventura World for the Opening of Ferrari Land with 365 Tickets, I was lucky enough to be staying in a pretty cool on-site resort. The Hotel Gold River Resort has several different hotels; the main Hotel Gold River which we spent the first two nights there and Hotel Callaghan where we spent the following two nights. There is also Lucy’s Mansion which are 5* Apartments and the river bungalows.  Wandering around the resort, you are transported to the wild west, the theming is on point here. I particularly loved all the cactus’ dotted about and props providing perfect photo opportunities.

Hotel Gold River Lobby, PortAventura World Hotel Gold River, PortAventura World Hotel Gold River, PortAventura WorldHotel Gold River, PortAventura World

Hotel Gold River

Our first hotel was in the resort’s main building. On arrival I was taken aback with awe at the huge open plan lobby. Unfortunately, I missed dinner on the first evening as I had quite a late flight so I headed straight up to my fourth-floor room. The room was really spacious with twin double beds and offered views over Salou and the new Ferrari Land theme park.

I was a little obsessed with the design of the bathroom and even more impressed with all the Rituals amenities which smelt divine. The beds here were super comfortable. I’m not sure if it was all the travelling or running around the theme parks but I slept like a baby. I don’t have very good photo’s of the room as it was bad lighting when I arrived but there’s a bit of footage in the Vlog at the bottom.

We did have a couple of problems with our booking which all got sorted but I did find that some of the staff on reception weren’t as helpful as I would’ve expected. However, there were a few members of staff in our second hotel (Hotel Callaghan) who went above and beyond for us. They were very attentive and helped us   plan our days in the parks.

Hotel Callaghan's, PortAventura World Hotel Callaghan's, PortAventura World Hotel Callaghan's, PortAventura World

Hotel Callaghan

Our second hotel was also within the Gold River Resort. The Hotel Callaghan which is on a much smaller scale with 78 rooms was definitely a favourite of mine. The hotel is tucked away towards the top of the resort and on arrival, you are greeted with a very elegant lobby and a grand stairway. As I said before, the girls on reception were so helpful.

Hotel Callaghan's, PortAventura World Hotel Callaghan's, PortAventura WorldHotel Callaghan's, PortAventura World

The rooms were pretty similar to our previous hotel but I’d say the room was slightly larger. There are additional perks to staying at the Hotel Callaghan over a standard room at Hotel Gold River. Guests will receive an Express Pass for the theme parks and an exclusive breakfast buffet. I just found that the hotel had a certain charm and as it’s quite a small hotel, the reception, breakfast buffet and lobby was always quite calm and chilled.

Hotel Callaghan's Buffet, PortAventura WorldHotel Callaghan's Buffet, PortAventura WorldHotel Gold River, PortAventura World


There’s actually quite a few places to grab a bite to eat within the resort. Usually, you have your breakfast included in your room reservation but we also had our Dinner included as we were there for a special event. During our stay, we had our breakfast at the exclusive Hotel Callaghan buffet and also visited the Dinner buffet at The Grand Hall. Each evening had a huge variety of choice including meats on a grill, pizza, seafood and so much more. I have to admit the highlight for me was profiteroles! I did have a pretty delicious steak on the first night which was cooked right in front of me.

Hotel Gold River, PortAventura World Hotel Gold River, PortAventura World Hotel Gold River, PortAventura World Hotel Gold River, PortAventura WorldHotel Gold River, PortAventura World

The Overall Resort

The Gold River Resort is in a prime location for visiting PortAventura. The park is a short walkway and has a private entrance straight into the PortAventura Park. I love that the resort is adjoined but it’s also connected to the Far West area so the hotel’s Wild West theme is carried over. Within the resort, there is a swimming pool which unfortunately was closed as the season has only just started. I think that re-opens in May.

The complex also provides on an evening with a saloon bar in city square. Every night saw live entertainment and discos, even Betty Boop made an appearance! Every day, we walked past the River Bar which was an outdoor Western bar and hoped that it would be open but it never did! This was most likely because it was beginning of the season.

Lucy's Mansion Hotel and Apartments, PortAventura World Hotel Gold River, PortAventura World

If you stay onsite, your tickets into the PortAventura Park are included with your hotel reservations. I believe it’s an additional €35 for entrance into the brand spanking new Ferrari Land.

I really enjoyed my stay at both of the hotel but I do have a soft spot for Hotel Callaghan. When you are wandering around the parks all day, it’s nice to be able to come back and chill out. The theming of everything in the whole resort was incredible. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be on such a large scale. Staying in the Gold River Resort was like staying in our own Wild West town!

PortAventura & Ferrari Land VLOG! 

I’ve also just uploaded my Vlog from the trip so I’d love for you to check it out. It’s from the whole trip so it’s a little longer than usual. It’s also quite a chatty vlog which is unheard of from me! If you haven’t already, I’d love it if you subscribe to my channel. There will be lot’s of new videos coming up!

Have you ever been to PortAventura World? or Have you stayed at Hotel Gold River or Hotel Callaghan? Do you want to go?


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16 responses to “Hotel Gold River & Hotel Callaghan, PortAventura World & VLOG!”

  1. Leanne says:

    I love the Wild West theme, it looks incredible and makes for some fab pictures it seems. It’s a shame the staff weren’t as helpful at your first hotel but the second seems wonderful. Glad you had such a fab time! x

  2. Wow this looks like an amazin place AND IN EUROPE! I had to make sure I was reading the right thing as it looked like somewhere in America…which I suppose it was meant to. Just so cool x

  3. nicol says:

    i love the wild west feel to this as the wild wild west film came straight to mind! haha

  4. Erin Ek Rush says:

    I am actually from the Western US and I have to say, they did get a lot of the details right. It would be so strange for me to visit I think! No stranger really than some of the European themed things in the US I’ve just never been on the other end of the table!

  5. What a lovely place and hotel. I love the American theme decor . Beautifully done and looks really well thought out.

  6. Love the luxury of the first hotel and the themed design of the second one. Shame the staff at the first hotel weren’t so helpful! It can really make or break an experience.

  7. It looks like you could have been in America! I love it and will def add it to our holiday list!

  8. Wow these hotels look amazing and it’s nice that you got to experience two different areas on your stay x

  9. Elodie says:

    I went to Portaventura when it first opened but our hotel definitely wasn’t as cute as those! I kind of want to go back now! Ha!

  10. Yaya says:

    As someone hailing from the American Southwest I was so surprised to see how authentic and similar to the original Southwest Port Aventura looks! Even the dining hall follows the theme, how cool!

  11. Lubka Henry says:

    This place really looks amazing – so much to see and experience!

  12. Jo says:

    I’m pleased that a few of the staff made up where others lacked. Looks like a lovely place to stay. Jo x

  13. Annie B says:

    This is awesome! I must say I bloody love that picture of you on the donkey! Looks like you had an ace time.

  14. Lisa prince says:

    this looks a wonderful holiday and stay it makes you want to go on holiday x

  15. Nikki says:

    Wow this place looks amazing!! I love the whole wild west theme. Its somewhere I would love to visit!

  16. hannah says:

    It looks like a great resort. I love the old west theme that is going on

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