Food Diary in Edinburgh & Glasgow

January 31, 2017

To say I’m a very fussy eater is an understatement but it seems whenever I go on trips, my main priority is food. When visiting Edinburgh and Glasgow, I ate out a lot. I thought I’d put together a little food diary type of post to give you an overview of all the places. The first day in Edinburgh was filled with a few errors in terms of food. For our lunch, we ended up in a chain pub. There’s plenty of cute charming pubs in Edinburgh with lots of character and no doubt yummy grub. This wasn’t one of them. The food wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t anything to go crazy about.

Charlee and I were staying at the Old Town Chambers in a gorgeous apartment. After checking-in, we basically slobbed out on the biggest L-shaped sofa before going online to research a few restaurants that we could potentially go for dinner. Somehow it was 8:15 pm and we hadn’t left the apartment. We decided to visit Candy Bar & Kitchen which served budget friendly burgers and cocktails. Unfortunately, we arrived at 8:45 pm and they had closed their kitchen. DISASTER. After trying a couple of other places, we ended up in Pizza Express – Very exotic. You can never go wrong with pizza, though.

Afterwards, we headed to a place called Tigerlily which was recommended to the both of us. I can totally see why, this place is incredible! Tigerlily is actually a boutique hotel, bar and restaurant with the most beautiful decor. I think it was a Tuesday evening we visited and it was so busy – it certainly was the place to be. The cocktail menu was extensive but I decided on the Grey Goose Le Fizz which has become a new favourite of mine. It basically was vodka, elderflower liquor and lime – Delicious!

The next day, we went over to Badger & Co for Brunch. You can read my full review here but it honestly was such a lovely place. Badger & Co is located on Castle Street and is the former home of Kenneth Grahame who is the author of The Wind in the Willows. The food was absolutely delicious and the decor is completely instagramamble!

Before heading over to Glasgow, we stopped by The Elephant House. If you are a Harry Potter fan, this place might ring a bell to you. The Elephant House on George IV Bridge was where JK Rowling wrote part of the Harry Potter novels. I’ve previously walked past and peered in the window but I’ve never sat inside as it frequently gets busy.  Luckily for us, we managed to get a table and ordered hot chocolates, nachos and cake. What a combination! We’d also been told to visit the toilets here, which is quite a strange thing to get told. The toilets is basically a Harry Potter shrine, the walls are filled with messages from Potter fans who have visited.


The next couple of days were spent in Glasgow, it was my first visit to the city and Charlee was my personal tour guide. I had done my own research on places to eat in the city centre and got told Bread Meats Bread is the best and Charlee agreed. Bread Meats Bread has two locations in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh, we went to the city centre branch on St Vincent Street. I decided to go for a fried chicken, cheese and bacon burger and whilst it looked incredibly tasty, I wouldn’t rave about it. Charlee went for a beefburger which she said was delicious – I possibly made the wrong choice! 

We also ended up in Bill’s for Breakfast, I love this place but I’ve never been for breakfast before! I decided to go for Blueberry pancakes as I’d seen them on my friends Instagram and they looked delish! Charlee went for the sausage and egg sandwich. Both were really yummy, you can always count on Bill’s for great food and a lovely atmosphere and service!

Later that afternoon, we headed to The West End in Glasgow and went to the Hillhead Bookclub for a couple of drinks. This place was super cute with retro games and a ping pong table. It was pretty chilled in there as it was mid-afternoon but I think they serve food and it’s a big venue to go on evenings/weekends. I can’t remember what cocktails we got, mine most likely had vodka in it. They also do cocktails in gramophones if you are wanting to share with friends!

On my last evening in Glasgow, we decided to go to a place called Paesano Pizza. I’ve been going on about this place ever since, IT WAS AMAZING. As it was a Friday evening, it was super busy and slightly chaotic, we had to come back 45 minutes later for a table but it was 100% worth it. If you are in Glasgow and love Pizza, I would honestly recommend this place. It’s the best pizza I’ve ever had so far in my 22 years. It was also really affordable, a Margherita pizza was £6!

The final stop of the evening was for cocktails, obviously! We ended up at this place called Merchant Square which was like an indoor marketplace but with lots of different bars and restaurants. It was really nice as you got the feeling you were sat outside under lots of twinkling lights. The bar we went to was called Metropolitan which had quite a clubby vibe inside but we had quite civilised drinks in the inside courtyard area. I went for the Grey Goose Le Fizz cocktail –  as I said It’s my new favourite!

Metropolitan Bar, Glasgow - Food Diary - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

We sure did get about in a couple of days but it was so worth it! Glasgow has certainly got a rising foodie scene with many exceptional restaurants. I’ll definitely be back soon, especially for that pizza!

Have you visited Glasgow or Edinburgh? Did you go to any of these places? Do you have any Pizza recommendations?

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23 responses to “Food Diary in Edinburgh & Glasgow”

  1. Lucy Cole says:

    This post has made me sooooo hungry!! I want to visit Scotland now just for the food!xx

    Lucy x |

  2. Lauren says:

    The food looks incredible! And I love the Harry Potter shrine!!

  3. The food look so so delicious. It’s mouthwatering and now I’m really hungry.

  4. Laura says:

    Oh wow so much good food and great places to eat – hoping to head up to Edinburgh later this year!

    Laura x

  5. Danasia says:

    All of these food pics are making me hungry! That grey goose elderflower cocktail is right up my alley.

  6. I’ve been meaning to go to the Elephant House, but getting the time to drive from south Lincolnshire all the way up there is hard. Haha.

  7. I haven’t been to Glasgow for ages, though Edinburgh is definitely somewhere I go regularly. My brothers both live up that way though, so really useful to have some recommendations

  8. These cocktails look amazing! The Grey Goose with elderflower one is right up my alley.

  9. That is quite literally the most unique toilets I have ever seen and I do like Harry Potter. I have never been to Glasgow before but I have heard that it is amazing for food so I would love to try it out!

  10. Ickle Pickle says:

    Oh wow, all the food looks so good! I have never been to Scotland – it looks worth a visit just for the food! Kaz x

  11. oh my god, that looks so delicious! will definitely have to check it out if I’m ever around!

    shelley xoxo

  12. Sarah says:

    Oh this food looks amazing, I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland! That Harry Potter shrine is SO COOL. Haha

  13. emma white says:

    oh my that burger I have never seen one look as big and amazing as that one it’s certainly what I would be choosing off the menu

  14. oh wow so much fab looking food, i think this calls for a foodie tour with my sister!

  15. melissa major says:

    They are so many amazing places to go for food in Edinburgh and Glasgow, haven’t been to any of these places yet but hopefully will one day

  16. Sam B says:

    So much gorgeous and yummy looking food. That burger, wow mouth watering.

  17. hannah says:

    The food looks great. Looks like there is a good choice of places to eat x

  18. Went to bread meats bread last tiime i went to Glasgow. It was literally the best burger of my life! I haven’t been to other places, but no doubt will do as have friends in Glasgow and like to visit both cities x

  19. Serena says:

    Edinburgh and Glasgow are high on my bucket list! If I ever go to either, I’ll be sure to check out these places! Badger & Co does look really instagrammable!

  20. Anna says:

    Ah these looks like a fun places to eat! I want to go to edunbrough! 🙂

  21. Emma says:

    I went to University in Edinburgh and your post brought back so many memories. I used to love Candy Bar & Tigerlilies and would often go for coffee in the Elephant House. Never heard of Badger & Co though – must be fairly new (I was there 10 years ago eek)!

  22. Jessica Kennedy says:

    YUM! Lovely photos! xxx

  23. Kathryn says:

    For pizza in Edinburgh definitely try out Mammas Pizzeria in the Grassmarket – soooo good! Another popular pizza place in Glasgow is Pizza Punks which is in the city centre – I’ve not been but heard it is amazing!
    Other great food places include Topolabamba (one in Glasgow and in Edinburgh) and also Dimagions – popular amongst Glaswegians.

    Did you visit Ashton Lane when you were in the West End? It’s lovely and lots of nice places to eat and drink.

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