My First Visit to Glasgow, Scotland

January 24, 2017

Back in November, I went away to Scotland for a week to see Charlotte who’s at University in Glasgow. The first couple of days was spent in Edinburgh seeing all the sights and drinking all the cocktails. We then headed to Glasgow on the train which was about 45 minutes long. I’ve never been to Glasgow before so I was really excited to see what it was like. Charlee’s been there for just over a year so she was my tour guide.

The first morning I was left to my own devices though and I opted for a wander around the shopping area. Glasgow is amazing for shopping and has the best House of Fraser I have ever seen. Since when did House of Fraser have a Hermes and Gucci Concession?! Their beauty hall was out of this world too!

After meeting back up with Charlee, we headed over to Glasgow Green. I can imagine that Glasgow Green would be so lovely in Summer to sit out in. The weather was pretty grim but we were determined to make it to the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens. Unfortunately, the gardens were closed as I think they are doing a big refurbishment. The People’s Palace is a free entry museum with different collections and exhibits about living and working in Glasgow.

Currently, they have quite a cool exhibition about Fizzers 10 Years of Caricature. The exhibition featured famous faces from sports, TV, movies and politics. The exhibition is open until 16th March and worth visiting if you are passing. We even tried our hand at drawing our own but the less said about it the better.

On the way back into the city centre we had a brief trip inside the Gallery of Modern Art. It’s just a couple of streets behind the main high street and also home to the infamous Duke of Wellington statue with the traffic cone. It was a pretty brief trip as hunger and tiredness were taking over!

For dinner, we went to Bread Meats Bread which had been recommended to me so many times and was also Charlotte’s number 1 choice. I’m going to be doing a post about where I ate and drank in Scotland later this week where I’ll let you know what I thought. Glasgow has a great restaurant and bar scene, I’ll definitely need to be back soon to check more out!

We started the next day with Brunch at Bill’s before heading to The Lighthouse which is Scotland’s national centre for design and architecture and also situated just off the main high street. We headed straight up the 134 steps on the spiral staircase to the top of The Lighthouse to experience panoramic views of the city. Climbing those stairs was just a reminder of how unfit I am.

Glasgow actually has it’s own underground metro service which I wasn’t expecting. Everything in the city is pretty walkable but we were spending the afternoon in the West End. To be honest, I was having visions of going to theatreland but the high street reminded me of Notting Hill. This was because there were so many lovely little bars, restaurants and vintage stores.

At the top of the high street is Glasgow’s Botanical Gardens. It was quite a brief trip but lovely none the less and I can imagine it been a social hub in Summer. Afterwards, we walked about 15-20 minutes to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. The surrounding area was absolutely lovely and The University of Glasgow overlooks the museum. The University looked amazing and basically was Hogwarts in real life!

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum was also another stunning building. The Museum is home to 22 different exhibits from art to artefacts. I’d say it was a mix of the Natural History Museum and the V&A. I really enjoyed walking around, there was so much to see including one of Salvador Dali’s masterpieces. Some areas were closed due to refurbishments which was becoming a common theme but I’m guessing this is because we visited in the Winter when it’s off-peak season. Along with everywhere else we had visited it was free entry which is always a bonus.

After a couple of drinks in the west end, we headed back into the city centre to get ready to go out for my final night in Scotland. The plan was to go for pizza and cocktails, which is basically my perfect evening. We went to a place called Paesano Pizza which will be included in my foodie post later this week. Spoiler Alert, it was possibly the best pizza I’ve had in my life so far.

I had such a great trip to Glasgow and was really surprised at how lovely the city was! A big thank you to Charlee for being my travelling companion and tour guide in Glasgow. I’m sure I’ll be back visiting soon even if it’s just to eat pizza! I just need to post my final Disneyland Paris vlog then I’ll be my Scotland trip up on YouTube very soon!

Have you been to Glasgow before?

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36 responses to “My First Visit to Glasgow, Scotland”

  1. Lucy Cole says:

    Sounds like you had so much fun – that pizza looks dreaaamy!! I’m hoping to visit Scotland sometime soon!xx

    Lucy x |

  2. Lauren says:

    Lovely pictures! I’ve been meaning to visit Glasgow for a while now, it looks amazing

  3. hannah says:

    I’ve never been to Glasgow or Scotland, always fancied it. I like the sound of the House Of Fraser too, sounds great x

  4. julie porter says:

    Glasgow is so very beautiful and there are so many amazingly gorgeous buildings to see. Your pictures are wonderful and make me want to go and experience everything myself. It seems as though you had a wonderful trip x

  5. I would love to go to Glasgow and how spectacular does that burger look? Plus Glasgow is full of history which is a bonus

  6. Naomi says:

    The botanical gardens look lovely and I really want to go to wdinburgh! Did you post about it? I need to read!
    That pizza looks amazing

  7. Simona says:

    Looks like such a great trip! Definitely on my list! <3

  8. Jodie says:

    I love Glasgow. My best friend lives there! Kelvingrove and the GOMA are my favourites so well done visiting. Never been to winter gardens though. I went to bread meats bread for first time last time i went in September. Some of my best nights out have been in Glasgow, so hope you get to experience more of it x

  9. I’ve only been to Glasgow for work so not really had a chance to see the sites x

  10. I’ve been to Glasgow once for a gig but didn’t get to explore the city much so I definitely want to go back x

  11. Yaya says:

    I haven’t been to Glasgow, but your photos really make me want to go! Great to see that you had a great time. x

  12. melissa major says:

    I live in Glasgow and moved here about 2 years ago now, its a great place to live. It has a lot of places to visit and lots
    of amazing restaurants too.

  13. Jemima says:

    This was lovely, I’m glad you had such a good time. Glasgow looks like an amazing place!

    Jemima x

  14. I’ve always wanted to visit Glasgow and this makes Me want to go even more! Those characatures look amazing too I would love to see those. The botanical gardens look so beautiful too

  15. Lottie says:

    Looks like a lovely trip away! I’m tempted to book to go there as the flights are so cheap from my local airport

  16. The botanical gardens look like a great place to visit and so does Paesano Pizza those pizzas look yummy! I haven’t been to Glasgow yet!

  17. It has been years since I’ve been to Glasgow but it seems like a really cool place to visit!

  18. Joanna says:

    I’d love to go to Glasgow and Edinburgh looks like u had a wonderful trip the botanical gardens look like a must see.

  19. Anosa says:

    I went twice almost 10 years ago and honestly don’t remember much but want to visit this year and explore as well. What a gorgeous place to explore

  20. Glasgows grown so much in past past 3 decades! It’s an amazing, vibrant city now. The shopping is amazing and the people super friendly. My grandad was born in Glasgow so we used to visit x

  21. Anna says:

    Glasgow looks amazing! Love your photography as well, and those little street shots. Looks lie you had great time!

  22. It looks like a great city, someone at work keeps telling me about the statue with the traffic cone

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