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August 15, 2019

If you are a big opera fan, Italy is a great place to head to. It is quite literally the home of opera. Most historians agree that the first opera, Daphne, was performed in the home of Jacob Corsi, in Florence. From that moment, the Italians took this musical art form to their heart. So, if you want to enjoy opera in all its forms, Italy is the place to head. As you will see, when it comes to Opera Tickets Italy offers plenty of choice. Below, is a quick roundup of the towns and cities where operas are regularly performed. 

Italy For Opera Lovers - Rachel Nicole UK Bloggers


Let’s start with Milan, which is the home to the iconic La Scala, or, to give it its full name the Teatro Alla Scala. This beautiful venue was fully restored and re-opened in 2004. It now has a bookshop, and a very interesting history museum. 

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Venice has always been a musical city. The fact that for centuries it was a major centre for trade means that there were a lot of very rich merchants living in the city. They liked to have something to do, so they were always looking for the latest thing in entertainment. Many were great patrons of the arts. So, unsurprisingly, the first public opera house was opened in the city in 1637. 

A night at the opera is something that many Venetians enjoy to this day. Both the Teatro La Fenice and the Musica in Maschera regularly stage spectacular performances. 

Italy For Opera Lovers - Rachel Nicole UK Bloggers


When it comes to types of performance, Rome probably offers the most choice. The city has several opera houses. But, also offers the chance to enjoy outdoor productions. Tickets for performances in the ruins of the Baths of Caracalla sell out particularly fast.  If you have never been to a full opera performance, or have children, this is a really good starting point. The atmosphere is relaxed. Yet, the performance is spectacular. It is an experience you will not forget. 

Opera festivals in Italy 

If you like to mix things up a bit, attending one of Italy’s many classical music and opera festivals, is well worth doing. You can find out about the best of them, here. 

The Torre Del Lago is a particularly nice one to attend. Puccini lived there for over thirty years, and composed some of his most famous operas, while in residence there. When you visit this stunning little hamlet, you will understand why that was. Naturally, the annual festival that is held here, in July, celebrates his work. 

Puccini in Lucca 

Not far from Torre Del Lago, is the small Tuscan town of Lucca. This is where Puccini was born. During the summer months you can enjoy performances of his work there. Usually, they take place in the Church of San Giovanni. 

Other performances 

If you are travelling through other parts of Italy, keep an eye out for small-scale performances. Once you start looking at the posters and reading the notes on church doors you will be surprised by how many chances there are to listen to opera, in local venues. Usually, they will not be full productions, but, they are still well-worth attending. 


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