Beauty: The Revlon Shine Addict Nail Kit

April 13, 2016
It’s not often you see my without my nails painted but over the past couple of weeks, I have been testing out the brand new Revlon Shine Addict Nail Kit. The Kit, which is an electrical buffer and polisher promises shiny nails in seconds. I was pretty intrigued by this as I’ve never really used anything like this before. Did I even need one in my life?

Revlon Shine Addict Nail Kit* – £29.99The Battery powered roller system comes with 4 interchangeable rollers – 2 Buffers and 2 polishers (extra rollers can be bought separately). The Greeny/Grey roller is the one you need to start with and this will buff and smooth out your nails. The instructions tell you to not use longer than 2 seconds on each nail and also only use this roller once every two weeks. Then it’s time for the white roller which will polish the nails and add shine. The results using this roller really shocked me, my nails were instantly so shiny and within seconds. The shine on my nails lasted around 11 days but this roller can be used all the time to keep them shiny and it really is so simple and easy.

I did wonder if I did need one of these as I always wear nail polish but it’s a great way to prepare you nails before apply polish and tidy them up. If you don’t wear nail polish like my Mum, I would really recommend investing in one of these just to give your natural nails a shine which will last a couple of weeks. This would also be a really ideal kit for sorting out your nails after wearing acrylics, it’s so quick and easy to buff and polish your nails. The Kit retails for £29.99.

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6 responses to “Beauty: The Revlon Shine Addict Nail Kit”

  1. Lauren Powers says:

    I have never heard of anything like this before but it would be perfect for my nails as they have been damaged so badly by nail extensions

    Lauren x

  2. Sophie Blumenthal says:

    OOH this sounds so good!

    Sophie x

  3. Jessie Lou says:

    This looks like such a good idea. Would be ideal for when I don't have enough time to paint my nails.

  4. ana de jesus says:

    Your nails are gorgeous; they look so healthy and full of life. My fingernails are ok but my poor toenails need some TLC.

  5. Brand & Beauty says:

    This seems like a really great product, I have seen the product before but didn't quite know what it was meant for. Thank you for sharing your review! x

  6. Caroline says:

    What a great little piece of kit.
    I wouldn't say I need one in my life, but, as a present I wouldn't exchange


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