The Benefits of a Spa Retreat

July 3, 2019

There is nothing quite as luxurious as treating yourself to a trip at a spa retreat. Whether you are pampering yourself before a big event or indulging in a quiet getaway to melt away the worries and stresses of daily life, booking yourself into a Lake District spa, or any high-end spa getaway, can do you a world of good. 

Read on to find out more about some of the many benefits that come with going away to a spa retreat.  

The Benefits of a Spa Retreat - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Stress Relief 

One of the most obvious benefits of going away for a spa retreat is the obvious relaxation and stress relief it offers. There is nothing quite like a long massage and spending some time in the sauna to drain away the stress and worry of everyday life. The relaxation of being in such a chilled out environment is incredibly benefits for your health and wellbeing, no matter what kind of treatments you choose to book while you’re there. 

Improved Sleep 

Anyone who struggles to get the required amount of sleep knows just how detrimental it can be to your overall health. Spending a weekend at a spa retreat can thankfully help with that. A good massage will not only relax your muscles and help ease away any aches and pains but can also help you maintain a healthier heart rate. This improved heart rate can then have a positive effect on your sleep, and how much of it you get. 

The Benefits of a Spa Retreat - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Glowing Skin 

Ah yes, glowing skin, the elusive holy grail for most people. No matter what your skin niggles are, be it dry patches or lacklustre and dull look, a good facial can set the world to rights when it comes to your face. The right facial treatment will cleanse and nourish your skin, giving it a gorgeous glow when coupled with a professional facial massage. 

Relaxed Muscles 

On the theme of relaxing and de-stressing, a spa retreat is also beneficial for your muscles. From professional athletes to office workers sitting in the same position for extended lengths of time, our daily lives and routines can really take a toll on our bodies, whether we realise it or not. Taking care of these stiff muscles can do you a world of good both physically and mentally, after all, who hasn’t felt better once all the tension has been worked out of their shoulders after a good massage?   

The Benefits of a Spa Retreat - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Improved Overall Health 

There have been a number of studies released in recent years which show that going away for a spa retreat for a number of days can be beneficial to your body, positively affecting a number of its health markers. These documented changes include a drop in blood pressure, decrease in multiple chemicals associated with type 2 diabetes and cholesterol, and a decrease in cholesterol itself.  


It goes without saying that a spa retreat will leave you with an overall feeling of happiness. Certain treatments, like massages, have a biological effect on your body, releasing the happiness hormone, serotonin. What’s even better is that this elated feeling will last for a couple of days after your massage has finished, leaving you feeling happier long after you have arrived back home. 


Do you enjoy Spa Retreats?


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