5 Tips for Roasting Chicken

April 22, 2019

Roasted chicken is a favourite delicacy in many homes around the world. This is because chicken is versatile, affordable and readily available. A perfectly roasted chicken on a Sunday evening can be so satisfying and comforting. However, a failed recipe can result in a bland and dry chicken instead of a succulent and tender one. How do you ensure that you and your family never have to chew dry pieces of chicken again? Here are 5 tips for roasting chicken.

5 Tips for Roasting Chicken - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

1. Use the Right Equipment

In order to roast the perfect chicken, you will need to use the right equipment for roasting chicken. One of the best ovens you can use to roast your chicken is the countertop convection oven. Compared to conventional ovens, convection ovens roast meat 30% faster meaning that the meat stays juicier and moister. Convection ovens have a fan that circulates the heat evenly inside the oven, thereby preventing the chicken from getting burnt on one side or being cooked unevenly.

2. Pat Dry

If you want to achieve that elusive golden brown crispy skin, ensure that you pat dry the chicken inside and out with a paper towel before roasting. This will ensure that the excess moisture that results in soggy chicken skin is removed. Do not rinse raw chicken. The bacteria found in the meat can spread through the water and contaminate the oven, your clothes, and the kitchen surfaces.  

3. Season Generously

The secret to finger licking chicken is seasoning. Liberal seasoning brings out the flavour in the chicken. You can choose to use the most basic seasoning which is a combination of fresh pepper and salt or you could go all out and try a combination of spices and herbs. Some of the flavours you can use to create a delightful variation include; cumin, garam masala, oregano, thyme, parsley, and coriander. It is also important to rub the chicken breast and legs with a little butter before roasting to give the skin that golden colour. If the butter is not your preference you can use a little olive oil instead.

5 Tips for Roasting Chicken - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

4. Check the Temperature

An overcooked roasted chicken is a dry chicken. To avoid overcooking, you can use an instant-read thermometer to prompt you when the chicken is done. Ideally, the thermometer should read between 165° to 175°F. Another trick to having a juicy roast chicken is by roasting in lemon and sage infused milk. The milk ensures that the meat stays moist and it also results in a thick rich sauce that your family will definitely enjoy.

5. Let the Chicken Rest

Once your chicken is ready and removed from the pan, you must allow it to rest. One common mistake that many people make when roasting chicken is attempting to cut it immediately they remove it from the oven. Doing this will leave you with a dry chicken because all the juices will leak out. However, if you allow the chicken to rest on the cutting board for at least 15 minutes, the juices will redistribute into the chicken making it more moist and tender.


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