Coping With Your First Bar Job: A Guide

September 28, 2018

Working in a bar can be challenging, but it can also be a lot of fun and rewarding when you meet people from all walks of life and, of course, make a lot of tips! The following guidelines will help to ensure that you’re able to cope with your first bar job and succeed in your role.

First, you need to accept that you’re likely going to make a few mistakes here and there, but also ensure that you learn from them, soyou don’t repeat them in the future. Be proud of yourself for landing the job and also prepared to show your employer that they made the right choice by choosing to hire you.

 Coping With Your First Bar Job: A Guide - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Pay Attention during Training

It’s a good idea to pay full attention during the training sessions you receive, soyou’re prepared to serve customers on your own one day. Learn the menu and specials because by doing so, you can speak about what your bar offers with ease and confidence. Practice pouring drinks in your spare time,soyou don’t spill or cause too much foam to rise upin the glass. Ask questions while you’re in training, soyou’re clear on what is expectedof you and how to do your job properly.

Report any Injuries

Believe it or not, there is a lot ofsafety concerns when working in a bar environment. For example, you’re around crowds, hot grills and having to walk on slippery floors at times. If you happen to fall and get hurt while walking on a wet kitchen floor, then it’s important you report the incident immediately to your employer. You should alsospeak with specialists such as to see if you’re able to seek compensation for the incident.

 Coping With Your First Bar Job: A Guide - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Be Personable

Keep in mind that working in a barmeans you’ve also signed up to be a customer service professional. You are there to serve your patrons and make sure they’re satisfied with the food, environment and overall experience. Be as friendly and approachable as possible and be willing to strike up conversations with the people who you’ll be taking care of that day or evening. You’ll have a lot more fun working in a bar when you’re engaged in what you’re doing and taking the time to get to know the wealth of different people you’ll meet daily.

Act Professional

Although you’re in a bar setting and customers may be there to enjoy a few too many drinks, that doesn’t mean you should join in. You’ll have a much better reputation and experience when you act professionaland don’t allow yourself to be pressuredinto making silly decisions that could get you into trouble with your boss. Demand respect from patrons and give it back to them so you can reduce the numberof uncomfortable encounters that could potentially occur in a bar setting.


These are a few useful ways for how you can successfully cope with your first bar position. Your job will be easier when you follow these suggestions and try your best. Most importantly, be yourself, relax and make sure that your customers are always satisfied with your service.


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