3 Ways to Experience London in a Weekend

December 24, 2018

London is arguably one of the most vibrant cities that you can visit. It’s so multifaceted and unique, meaning no two days are ever the same. Weekends, especially, can be so much fun as the majority of people are off work and ready to have a good time. There are a vast variety of activities for every mood, whether it is to put you in the Christmas spirit, winter fun, or a little adventure. If you happen to be visiting London or a Londoner looking for something different to do over the weekend, continue reading. You’re going to find three ways that you can experience the vibrant city of London in a weekend below.

3 Ways to Experience London in a Weekend - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Tourist Activities

Whether you happen to live in London or not, tourist activities are a good idea to experience a weekend in London. There’s always something new to learn, especially in such a versatile city. One tourist activity that you could do is the hop-on-hop-off bus ride on a sunny day. If you’ve done this many times before, why not experience it at night for a different experience? You could also see what’s new at popular places like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben or the Tower of London. Another popular tourist area is the O2 Arena, so if you want a little adventure, you could do a 90-minute climb up the top of the roof.

3 Ways to Experience London in a Weekend - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger 3 Ways to Experience London in a Weekend - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Cruise at Night

Cruises can be a fantastic way of experiencing London on a weekend. They are dynamic in the sense that you can experience so many things at once such as good food, even better music, and a stunning view of London from the water. To experience London nightlife in this way, you can choose from a number of cruises such as the Bateaux Big Band Night Saturday Dinner Cruise or City Cruisers Sundown Cruise. There are many more that will give you a great experience of London at night to add to your collection of memories. 

3 Ways to Experience London in a Weekend - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Museum Hopping  

Another great way to experience London is to get a feel of the culture. One ideal way to do this would be by museum hopping. Find a couple that you could visit below: 

The city of London has a spirit of its own and as a result, is an unforgettable place. There are activities which cover almost every interest under the sun, so it’s left to you to get out there and explore!  

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