Why Keeping Track Of Your Health Is Important

September 22, 2018

These days, it seems like everyone is wearing some sort of health and fitness tracker on their wrists. So what’s the point? Are they anything more than just a craze? Can they really do you good? Then, what about speaking more broadly about tracking your health — what’s the benefit of being engaged and aware of how your body is feeling day in and day out? Well, there are plenty of reasons you should be keeping track of your health. Let’s explore just a few of them…

Why Keeping Track Of Your Health Is Important - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Get to know your body better

We rely on our bodies for so much and often put them under a great deal of stress and strain living out our busy lives. It’s true we could all do with getting to know our bodies better, and tracking our health and fitness is a great way to do that, whether via a digital tracking accessory or simply by taking note of how you feel.

Whilst you can expect to feel peaks and troughs in your energy levels over the week and month, it’s possible that you’re experiencing this more acutely than you should be. If you keep note of days when you’re feeling sluggish, and days when you’re feeling energetic, you may be able to identify foods, sleep patterns and activities that help you feel at your healthiest.

Attending a general health screening from your local GP is an ideal way to get a reading on how healthy your body is today.

Know your stats in case of emergency

No one wants to think about getting seriously ill, but should the worst happen. It’s very useful to have an idea of what your resting heart rate and blood pressure is. Most fitness trackers will log this kind of information, or you can book an appointment with your doctor or physician to keep a record of your vital statistics.

These stats can be invaluable in times of emergency — if you suddenly faint, a fitness tracker will record this drop-in heart rate and blood pressure enabling you to be better informed and aware. Details such as these can be very important if you’re attempting to claim compensation from a negligence injury or illness. Visit the-medical-negligence-experts.co.uk to learn more.

It helps you get fitness goals

If you’re looking to increase your wellness and fitness, being able to track your current health levels provides a great starting point and benchmarks to measure success against. Ask your gym to do you a fitness test, measuring your BMI and body fat percentage and re-check every few months to monitor your progress.

However, there’s little point in working towards a leaner physique and better fitness if you’re not also cultivating a healthier mindset too. Do try your hardest not to compare yourself to Instagram fitness gurus, or any other person’s life as portrayed via social media. You just look out for yourself — track, and be concerned with, your own health and wellness, and let everyone else worry about themselves.

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