Six Interesting Ways to Decorate Your Home

June 24, 2018

When you finish decorating a room, it always feels great. Everything is new and fresh and looks perfect. If you are considering updating a room in your home, read on. Below, I have pulled together a few slightly unusual ways for you to keep your décor up to date. Furniture is expensive, so it can be hard to change it as often as you want to. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable ways to update large items like your sofa or dining room table, when you need to.  

Guest Post: Six Interesting Ways to Decorate Your Home

Buy ex-show house furniture 

One of the best is to buy ex-show home furniture instead of shopping for something brand new. Usually, these items have barely been touched. They have simply been used to dress a show house or to stage a rental property. So, they look brand new. 

Swap items or trade in your old furniture for more modern pieces 

A lot of second-hand dealers will happily take your old stuff off of you when you buy something from you. Often, they will give you a discount on the items you buy from them. 

Potentially, you could swap items with family or friends. This is an unusual suggestion, but it can work out quite well if you have similar tastes.  

Join your local re-cycling co-operative 

In some parts of the country, you will find re-cycling co-operatives. They are a great source for all kinds of items that you can use to keep your home looking good. Often, you can pick up items for free.  

A lot of co-operative also offer items like carpeting, tiles, paint, and timber. They can provide you with white paint and the dye you need to turn it into something that you can use to decorate your home.  

Guest Post: Six Interesting Ways to Decorate Your Home

Learn to up-cycle 

Up-cycling is a fantastic way to take what you already own and make it look more modern. It is surprisingly easy to do and actually a lot of fun. The more you do the better you will get at it. This page contains links to around 100 websites and blogs that are regularly updated by some of the most experienced and enthusiastic up-cyclers. It is a great source of information and inspiration. 

Get into crafting 

Taking up a craft is another great way to create beautiful items for your home. You will be using similar skills to the ones you do when you up-cycle. 

Order yourself some custom items 

Most of us want to personalise our homes as much as possible. Over the past few years, this has become extremely easy to do. 

There are all kinds of specialist printing firms out there that you can use. Some will simply turn your images into posters and canvas prints for your walls. While others, can take your photos and turn them into wall-stickers and tile decals. It is even possible to send a high-quality image to a flooring firm and have it turned into linoleum or laminate flooring. You can even have customised fabrics made that can be turned into covers, curtains, and soft furnishings. There really is no end to what you can do by using these specialised print services to decorate. 

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