Hosting a coffee social for friends

February 13, 2018

Everyone loves coffee. It’s what boosts our mood in the morning. It’s what brings us to our friends together. So when it comes to bringing your friends together, having a coffee social would be a great idea. It’s a creative way to bring people together and doesn’t require too much fuss. It is also an inexpensive way of throwing a party since quality coffee is often more affordable compared to other drinks.

Tips to hosting a coffee social for friends

Pick the ideal coffee and brewing method.

People have different preferences when it comes to their coffee. Some people prefer espresso drinks and latte art, while others prefer frappuccinos. Before the party, try to ask your friends what their preferences are so you will know what to prepare beforehand. If you are hosting the socials in your home, you will also need to know in advance in case you don’t have the kitchen tools to prepare the coffee. There are several coffee brewing methods that you can try. An example would be The Chemex coffee brewing method where you use a glass container that has a paper filter. Another one would be The Vac-Pot where you use a vacuum-like pot where the water is in the bottom and the coffee is on top. Once heat is added, water makes contact with the coffee.

Prepare a simple dish to pair with your coffee.

Unless you are planning for a strictly coffee-only party, you might want to prepare a dish to pair with your coffee. It doesn’t have to be that grand. You can prepare a simple cake, cookies, or pies. It doesn’t matter what you will be preparing so long as it’s a good dish to pair up. Also, your friends will appreciate you more as a host if you prepare a dish for them. After all, good food always results in good conversations.

Tips to hosting a coffee social for friends

Don’t forget the tea.

Everyone prefers something over another. Not everyone drinks coffee or copes well with caffeine, which is why you need to prepare an option for decaf. And most importantly, don’t forget the tea. It’s a common courtesy to prepare for your guests. You don’t have to prepare something grand for tea. There are so many different flavours to choose between such as fruit teas, black tea, and many more. You can also order it at In addition, prepare some milk or creamer, syrups, sugar, and other accents so your friends will have something different to their mix. It’s a win-win situation because it also comes in handy for coffee.

Tips to hosting a coffee social for friends

Bring out your mugs.

Since it is a coffee party, you definitely have to be creative with your mugs. You can either have statement mugs or colourful mugs so you and your friends will have something to talk about. A creative and attractive mug is a good conversation starter. If you don’t have a variety of ways, you can go shop for several ones for a few dollars or you can also make one.


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2 responses to “Hosting a coffee social for friends”

  1. Jessie says:

    This is such a cool idea. Any time spent catching up with the girls is always great! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Laura Haley says:

    I want a coffee party! The only thing this is missing is cake, lots of cake.

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