Getting The Most Out Of Your Day

February 6, 2017

I hold my hands up and completely admit to being the queen of procrastination. Working from home and spending a lot of time on social media means I get easily distracted. No matter what you are doing in life, it’s pretty important to get the most out of every day! That empire isn’t going to build itself! The past couple of months, I feel like I’ve been slacking. I’ve not been prioritising the important things, getting distracted so here’s a few steps I’m taking to increase my productivity!

Getting the most out of your day, Increase Productivity - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

To do lists

When I wake up (or sometimes before bed) I usually write a list of everything that needs to be completed that day or within the next couple of days. This gives me a good goal of what to get done and also keeps track of things. Prioritising jobs is so important too and something I need to focus on! I’m guilty of leaving important jobs until the last minute! I also love buying cute stationary and there are some great to do lists – especially from Sainsbury’s and TK:Maxx.


Structure is SO important! My life really does lack structure as some weeks I can be attending events, travelling about or I could be at home. I’ve tried to set a proper structure for when I’m working at home and create a timetable. I find I am way more productive when I’m working to a schedule and also when I’m not constantly doing the same thing. Again, Tk:Maxx and Sainsbury’s have cute weekly planners! Paperchase also brought out a Blogger’s Journal which has been so useful!

Getting the most out of your day, Increase Productivity - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Exercise & Diet

Regular exercise in your routine actually boosts your energy levels. Although I usually feel shattered after a workout, if you incorporate it into your daily schedule, you should feel more awake and energised. A fun way to exercise inside of the office is to do yoga which you can read more about here.

I 100% agree that what you eat affects your energy levels. I’m cutting down on bread, switching fries out for sweet potato and stop drinking fizzy drinks completely. Every year, I give up fizzy drinks for about 10 weeks and I feel so much better! It’s crazy how addicted you can get to coca cola and I get so groggy after the sugar rush! Finally, it’s also really important to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. It’s good for your skin too!

Getting the most out of your day, Increase Productivity - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

A Good Nights Sleep

I absolutely love my sleep but recently I’ve been staying up until an ungodly hour which is ruining my schedule. I’ve also been having a hard time on getting to sleep as I’ve had a bad back recently. Adjustamatic have put together a really interesting video on the best positions to support you back. It’s so fascinating to see that small changes can make a huge difference to your quality of sleep. I sleep with five pillows so that probably doesn’t help things! A good night sleep obviously makes all the difference to your productivity levels so it’s so important you wake up refreshed and full of energy!

Do you have any tips on increasing productivity during the day? What boosts your energy levels?


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10 responses to “Getting The Most Out Of Your Day”

  1. I make countless lists to give me structure. It helps to keep to a routine. My husband works from home too so every morning he goes out of our house 300 yards down the road to a cafe for a coffee before he starts work!

  2. Sam says:

    I have a habit of procrastinating way too much! I used to spend my lunchbreaks at work browsing through Buzzfeed, but around a year ago I started going to the gym for a quick 20 minute workout. I’ve found that really helps to wake me up and keep me focused during the afternoon!

  3. To do lists definitely work for me. I really need to find a local gym – I want to get a bit fitter, but it needs to fit into my daily routine

  4. Ickle Pickle says:

    I challenge you to the title of Queen of Procrastination!! I am terrible! I have started a Bullet Journal this year and it is really helping me. Kaz x

  5. Love these tips – I think no matter how good our intentions we sometimes all procrastinate. Like you do, I write things down things that I want to achieve in the day, but I keep these realistic so I don’t feel like I’ve failed every day!

  6. To do lists really help me as otherwise I’m always forgetting to do things and wasting my time x

  7. Rachel says:

    I can do nothing without a to-do list. I have one massive long one which is always increasing and then I choose the most important tasks each day, add them to a shorter to-do list and love ticking them off x

  8. Fab post. A good night’s sleep does wonders for productivity.

  9. Kira says:

    I’m trying to get some kind of structure into my life, I’m slowly getting there!

  10. Penelope says:

    I’m a keen Bullet Journaller as it helps me to organise my to-do’s, track my water intake, make sure I’ve set aside some time for myself and focus on not giving in to that 2pm sugar crash! Love your Harry Potter pjs by the way!

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