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October 18, 2016

I’ve been fortunate to travel quite a lot this year and some of my trips were quite last minute. I think one I had about 48 hours notice so I’ve tried my best at perfecting the art of packing under pressure. As with most things in life, I usually make a list for packing so I can plan out outfits and organise my hand luggage. Today’s post is a breakdown of all the essential items to take in your hand luggage.

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I usually take a backpack as my hand luggage as it usually can fit a lot more in than a handbag and it means I’ll be hands-free to wheel my suitcase. A backpack is also pretty handy whilst travelling anyway, I absolutely love this unicorn print one.

I also usually put a spare change of clothes in my hand luggage and underwear just in case my suitcase gets lost. These things do happen and *touch wood* it’s never happened to me but it’s best to be prepared. For the flight, I usually take either a snuggly cardigan or jumper so I’m warm enough on the plane. If I’m heading to a warmer climate, sunglasses are an essential. Stepping off the plane as the heat hits you with your shades on; is there anything better than that?

You can’t guarantee food & drink on a flight, especially a short haul flight so I usually make sure I have some snacks. Also, don’t forget to pick up a couple of bottles of water in duty-free, it’s important to stay hydrated whilst you are in the air.

In the past, I’ve been on a long haul flight without entertainment. It was my own fault for been unprepared and expecting a little screen. I make sure I have more than enough items to keep me pre-occupied. From my iPad with games and movies, my iPod & headphones, my kindle, magazines and even a couple of puzzle books. Even on short haul flights, I have all of this with me. It might seem a bit excessive but I get quite fidgety and bored after an hour or two.

I guess the most important thing to bring with you is all of your important documents such as tickets and passports. Keep them all safe in a little travel document holder, you can get some really lovely designs.  I love this Happy Jackson one. Basically make sure you have everything important with you such as wallets, cards and generally all valuables. I also take my camera and laptop in my hand luggage as I wouldn’t want to loose them! Also, you need your camera for that typical up in the air with the plane wing shot.

What are your hand luggage essentials?

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13 responses to “My Hand Luggage Essentials”

  1. Sabina Sher says:

    My hand luggage essentials are usually what I find in my handbag but most definitely a portable phone charger, lip balm, snacks and a sleep mask depending on how long my flight is!

  2. LaaLaa says:

    Good essentials, definitely my phone charger & camera..wipes…sleep mask..iPod etc x

  3. That backpack looks gorgeous, I love the colour. This is perfect for flying essentials.

  4. Sarah says:

    That backpack is so pretty, I love the jumper too.
    My mum always taught me to pack extra clothes in your carry on too! It’s good advice I think. 🙂 Just incase.

  5. Liz Mays says:

    That backpack really is cute! I tend to bring some sort of snack, headphones and my devices with movies rented on them.

  6. A book, my ipod and hand sanitzer are the most important things I put in my hand luggage. I travel quite a lot with just hand luggage to so I’ve created the art of tight packing x

  7. Rachel says:

    OOh some good items for the hand luggage, I always ensure ive got a face cream, hand cream and some water x

  8. francesca says:

    Great picks!! I always pack my gadgets and cameras in my hand luggage I don’t trust anyone else with them what with damage etc!!

  9. Kathryn says:

    I’m going on holiday next month and so I really enjoyed this post. That jumper looks cosy xx

  10. Hannah says:

    Loved this post, so helpful for my upcoming holiday! X

  11. We always take a backpack with us too. A spare layer, like a sweater, is always good as sometimes night flights can get a bit chilly especially if you are tired xx

  12. I always pack spare underwear, tablet, Kindle, sunglasses, lip balm, hand sanitizer and a glossy magazine like Hello, earphones & earplugs (I’m a nervous flyer & hate engine noise!) plus travel wallet

  13. Good idea to take a backpack- that one is so cute.
    My hand luggage is always full of snacks because I don’t like the airline food!

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