Almost Famous Burgers, Leeds

October 9, 2016

Leeds is quickly becoming the place to be. I’m literally finding it so hard to stay away from Leeds at the moment. The food, shopping and just everything is on point. Later this month will see the opening of Victoria Gate where the brand new John Lewis will be and many more stores such as Neom (YES!), & Other Stories, Anthropology and Maje. The past couple of years has seen the growth in shopping with the Trinity Shopping Centre and with that came along a whole host of amazing bars and restaurants. Almost Famous Burgers been one of them. I believe it’s been open a couple of years now  but I’ve not been – that is until a couple of weeks ago.

almost-famous-burgers-leeds-rachel-nicole-uk-blogger-6 almost-famous-burgers-leeds-rachel-nicole-uk-blogger-1almost-famous-burgers-leeds-rachel-nicole-uk-blogger

Almost Famous is tucked away on Great George Street, just around the corner from The Light and Millennium Square. You could probably walk past and not know it was there as there aren’t many signs. The decor in Almost Famous is totally crazy with a massive gorilla in the entrance and graffiti on the walls. My friend Jorden and I were seated right away and we spent forever pondering over the wackiest menu. I’ll leave a link to the online menu here as it’ll blow your mind.

almost-famous-burgers-leeds-rachel-nicole-uk-blogger-3 almost-famous-burgers-leeds-rachel-nicole-uk-blogger-5

After nearly been tempted by the cocktails menu; especially the boozy shakes, I went for the Famous Cherryade Mocktail. It was pretty yummy but on the pricey side at £3.50 for basically cherry pop. For the main event, I went for the Awesome Frickin’ Chicken which was an amazing buttermilk chicken burger. I think my friend went for the River Pheonix burger with bacon, shoestring onions and BBQ sauce – It looked pretty epic.

almost-famous-burgers-leeds-rachel-nicole-uk-blogger-2 almost-famous-burgers-leeds-rachel-nicole-uk-blogger-4 The burgers don’t come with fries so we ordered them separately. This is where things got interesting. Now, I’m not usually one to pick the most outlandish creation on the menu but today was the day. I went for Magic Waffle Fries which is basically potato waffle with bacon, maple syrup and poppin’ candy. It sounds like a rather crazy combination but it works amazingly. The portions were pretty huge so sharing fries might be a good idea.

13739504_279558562412555_2053253515_nThis place has quickly become one of my favourite places to eat in Leeds. Not only is the food incredibly tasty, I love the whole wacky decor and vibe. The menu is so unique yet delicious and I’ll certainly be back very soon. I’d say it’s slightly on the pricey side but the whole experience and unique menu makes it 100% worth it. Almost Famous also have two restaurants in Manchester and one in Liverpool and I’d definitely recommend a visit.

Have you been to Almost Famous before?

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12 responses to “Almost Famous Burgers, Leeds”

  1. Sam panasuik says:

    I’vebeen to the Manchester Almost Famous and didn’t even know where it was in Leeds! The poppin’ candy fries look like fun! I am a huge burger fan so will have to go there soon! 🙂

  2. Jessie says:

    Oh wow – this has made me SO hungry! Gorgeous photos hun xx
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. I love those brioche buns! Looks a great burger and those fries wow!

  4. I’ve never been here, and I’m asking myself why and how I haven’t heard of this place before! Yummy!

  5. Louise says:

    I’m strictly a Maccy Ds or Five Guys kinda gal but I have to admit, I really want to try Almost Famous Burgers now. Plus the Magic Waffle Fries sound AMAZING!

  6. Camilla says:

    Wow, those waffle fries look amazing and yes they certainly do look like they were made for sharing;-)

  7. Not sure about poppin candy on the fries, but the burgers sound amazing.

  8. I’ve heard lots of good things about this place! Popping candy fries sound AMAZING

  9. Ruxandra says:

    That burger looks insanely delicious. this post makes me hungry again haha!

  10. Cecilia Keinapel says:

    This place looks so cool, I have never been to Leeds before will definitely check it out if I ever go x

  11. Sabina Sher says:

    I’ve never been to Almost Famous & everyone’s always telling me I’m missing out. I need to go!

  12. Caroline says:

    Agree, I am spending a lot more time in Leeds at the moment with blogging, but I’m also really liking it (especially now I know how to get to and where to park!) 🙂
    I do need to eat more in Leeds though. This might be a 2017 goal.
    Love the look of this place. Heard a lot about it, but never eaten there, Those fries look and sound amazing!!!


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