Tips for Decorating your Wedding Venue on a budget

September 5, 2016

Keeping your wedding beautiful and still very affordable is actually easy to do. There are plenty of tips and tricks that you can apply when planning the wedding, from combining the ceremony and reception to cut the wedding costs in half to some detailed tips on how to save on various items. If you’ve been following me on social media this weekend, you’ll see that I was actually at my Brother’s wedding. It was a really lovely day and whilst I’m not getting married myself I’ve got some good tips on how you can have a beautiful wedding décor on a budget.


Start with a Beautiful Venue

One of the best – and easiest – ways to save on wedding décor is to start with a venue that’s already beautiful. There are plenty of venues to choose from too, and websites such as UK Wedding Savings now enable you to find beautiful venues that suit your budget perfectly.

To make it even better, some of the best venue deals now include décor as part of the packages. Flowers, centrepieces and other decorations are included, which means you don’t have to spend more money on them. The wedding will still be as beautiful and special as you want it to be.

Lastly, make sure the venue is spacious enough for your guests. You don’t want the place to feel cramped when guests start to arrive, because it will make the ambience less enjoyable. A spacious wedding venue will look much better even with minimal decoration. I recently attended La Redoute’s Summer Party and it was at The New Craven Hall on the outskirts of Leeds and it was absolutely beautiful. It would make a gorgeous wedding venue with twinkly lights.

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Another good way to save on your wedding décor is to go for larger tables. Since you can seat more guests around the larger tables, you don’t have to spend so much on centrepieces and tablecloths. You can also save on flowers too.

Once you have decided on a particular theme, it’s time to start reviewing your décor options and ornaments. With flowers, especially live ones, always go with the flowers that are in season. You can add more greenery to reduce the costs even further. Don’t forget to limit the number of flowers you use and to keep the whole design theme simple. My Brother had DIY painted wooden boxes with flowers inside, it was a lovely centrepiece and rather personal with the date and names printed on!


With décor and other elements, on the other hand, shopping off-season is the way to go. If you want to have beautiful pink ornaments for the day, for instance, shopping for them after Valentine’s Day will definitely make it easier to find deals and discounts.

Speaking about deals and discounts….

Compare and Shop Online

Some of the best wedding deals are now available online. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your house to be able to find these deals on decorative ornaments, flowers and the other things you need to make your dream wedding come true.

When shopping for décor online, try to find packages that include almost everything you need. Some service providers allow you to get custom estimates or quotes online. You just have to define the design theme and other aspects about the décor. The estimates are really accurate too; you can compare packages and pick the one that suits your budget best this way.

These are just some of the tips you can use when you want a beautiful wedding décor that won’t break the bank. You can have your perfect day all planned out without spending more than you can afford.

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  1. Azu says:

    Awww those cake toppers are the cutest 🙂

    Great tips…thanks for sharing!

    xo Azu

  2. Nikki says:

    I love those little ducks. Tbey are so cute. Great post I dont see the need to spend thousands on weddings these days. Xx

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