Travel: Universal Studios, Florida – Part Two

October 18, 2015

Day Five we spent at Universal Studios! As we didn’t have a car, we read online that using Uber was the best and inexpensive way to get around and off Disney property. I would really recommend using Uber to get around Orlando, it was about $13 (£8) to get to Universal which is around a 20-30-minute journey!

We had a two-park 14-day ticket, therefore had access to both Universal Studios and Island’s of Adventure, but we decided to start in Universal Studios then get the Hogwarts Express across to the other park later. The streets had all been created to look like movie sets from different places such as Hollywood and New York which was so surreal to be walking down – Thre was even a Walk of Fame! We actually only went on the ET Ride and The Simpsons ride (such a brilliant ride!) before heading to Diagon Alley which were all pretty excited for.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is split between both parks and on the Universal Studios side is Diagon Alley which opened last year. Before heading to Diagon Alley, you walk through the streets of London where you find the Knight Bus and even Grimmauld Place. Diagon Alley is incredible, I felt like I had jumped into a Harry Potter movie. All the shops are fully functioning and selling everything from wands, chocolate frogs and Hogwarts Uniforms.

At the top of Diagon Alley is Gringotts Bank which is home to the Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts 3D rollercoaster. This ride is so much fun and like everything at Wizarding World of Harry Potter, It’s just like the movie coming to life. Lunch was spent in the Leaky Cauldron, I ordered Toad in the Hole but as we were in America; It wasn’t exactly the perfect Yorkshire Pudding but a good effort. 

Stepping into Kings Cross Station, It was time to board the Hogwart’s Express over to Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure. Boarding the Hogwarts Express, we were sat in little old fashioned booths which in the short journey came to life and through the window we saw Hogwarts coming towards us. 

We didn’t manage to do a lot of Hogsmeade as the weather took a turn for the worst, but we did ride Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey which was inside of Hogwarts Castle. We flew round the castle and it was amazing. The que wound round the castle and there was so much to see such as talking paintings and the sorting hat – It was actually a shame there was no que! 

As I said, the weather really took a turn for the worst so we scurried through Island’s of Adventure in our poncho’s and decided to come back another day (which will be in another post). I’ve just uploaded my vlog from my three visits to Universal Studios which can be seen below & don’t forget to subsribe here!


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11 responses to “Travel: Universal Studios, Florida – Part Two”

  1. Lauren Powers says:

    I would love to go here!! Toad in the hole is my favourite meal and when I spent 6 weeks in America before I was so happy to find a restaurant that sold it but just like you, it tasted nothing like the ones we have here lol

    Lauren x |

  2. Sylvia Said says:

    What an amazing little holiday! I live in Florida, but I've never been to Universal Studios despite living only a couple hours away! I know. . .I'm quite horrible! But, to my defense I had to choose between Disney or Universal and I just can't say no to the magic~ The Hogwarts pictures are making my heart pitter patter back to childhood though—lovely post hope you enjoyed your stay in Florida <3

  3. Oh gosh, it sounds amazing! I'd go just to see all the HP stuff. ?

    T x

  4. This is amazing
    I want to go there badly

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  5. I have always wanted to go to that Harry Potter World!! It looks so amazing! I love your vlog too, I love vlogs like that 😀

  6. It looks amazing! I've always wanted to go. So funny to go to King's Cross in Florida – Harry Potter World sounds great

  7. I went to Universal just after Diagon Alley opened. Did you go to Knockturn Alley – it's quite creepy!? I love Universal and IOA, they are amazing parks. Hogwarts Castle when it snows….. I let out a gasp of amazeement 🙂

    I love the Simpsons ride too.

  8. Rosana says:

    It sounds like great fun. I never been so I found your article interesting – how knew, Uber to get around Orlando! R

  9. It looks great, although I must be the only person who is not a fan of Harry Potter.

  10. Emma Julia says:

    Aren't Universal Studios simply amazing!?

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