My Travel Plans for 2020

February 1, 2020

2020 is shaping up to be a pretty good year in terms of travel for me. Although I’m supposed to be saving money for adulting and buying a house, I’ve still got a few amazing trips lined up. For the last couple of years, I’ve mainly focused on visiting European Cities and exploring the UK but in 2020, I’m hoping to travel further afield. I always like seeing other people’s travel plans so I thought I would share mine!

My Travel Plans for 2020 USA - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

USA: NYC & The West Coast

If you follow me on social media, you’ll probably have seen me going on about my next trip in March to America. Me and Stefan are going to the USA for three weeks flying into New York City before heading off to Vegas to embark on a little road trip to LA and along the West Coast up to San Francisco. It’s no secret about how much I love America after spending 9 weeks there in 2017 but I’m very much looking forward to going back to some of my favourite places and it will Stefan’s first visit to all of these places.

We are planning on really making the most out of the trip with excursions to the Grand Canyon, spending a few days in Disneyland California, Universal Studios Hollywood and also checking out Yosemite National Park. If you do have any recommendations for any of the places I’ve mentioned, do leave a comment. Although, I do have the longest list of places to eat, especially in NYC! Expect lot’s of USA content over the next couple of months!

My Travel Plans for 2020 Disneyland Paris - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Disneyland Paris

We all know how much I love all things Disney. And just because a trip to Disneyland California isn’t enough, I’m planning a trip over to Disneyland Paris for my 26th Birthday in August. I actually spent my 22nd Birthday there and you can usually find some really great deals to fly and stay for under £200! What’s better than a little Disney magic on your Birthday!

My Travel Plans for 2020 - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

USA: Boston & The East Coast

In October, Me and my Mum are planning another little trip over to America. I’m pretty excited about this as we plan to visit completely new places by flying into Boston and exploring the East Coast. Potentially we might go up to Toronto and visit Niagra Falls which would be an amazing experience. We chose October as it would be incredible to see Boston and New England in fall and also with it being Halloween, it would be a great time to visit Salem!

My Travel Plans for 2020 - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger


Towards the end of 2019, we sadly lost my Grandma. Her biggest passion was for all things Egpyt and she visited the country more than a dozen times. One of the things she did want to do was to visit the new Grand Egpyt Museum but the re-opening has been pushed back so many times, she sadly didn’t get the chance to. The Museum is *hopefully* going to re-open later this year and we’ve decided to take a family trip to Cairo in her memory. I’ve never actually been to Egypt before but it would pretty incredible to see the Tutankamun collection and the pyramids!

My Travel Plans for 2020 - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger


Finally, after visiting Egypt, we are planning to go over to Dubai for a week. I’ve always been fascinated with Dubai and remember when they were creating the palm islands. It’s so insane that they are manmade islands and there looks like there is a lot to do and see in Dubai. I’d also love to do a 4×4 sand dune excursion and a day trip to Abu Dhabi.

So it’s looking like an incredible year of travel ahead for me. I best get saving my money for travels and stay tuned as it’s not long until my first adventure in the states next month! Have you got any exciting travel plans for 2020?


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  1. Oh I’m really quite envious of your 2020 travel plans, so many wonderful destinations to visit

  2. Jenny says:

    Sounds like you are going to have a fun year. We have booked for half term but that’s about it, better get planning!

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