Five Ways to Personalise Your Next Party

October 31, 2019

As we are heading into the party season with Christmas and New Year’s, I thought I would do a blog post about hosting a soiree. Obviously, there are always a lot of parties going on over the next couple of months but how do you stand out and make it a party to remember? Adding a personal touch is a great way to make your party unique and undeniably yours. It shows that you have gone the extra mile and made more of an effort with your party planning. I’ve put together five of my favourite ways to personalise your next party and really take your hosting to the next level. 

Five Ways to Personalise Your Next Party - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Party Bags

Party bags are quite the traditional thing to do, who doesn’t love coming away with a few treats. As an adult, party bags are a pretty rare thing now but it would make a lovely gesture, even if it’s a few left out foodie treats. If you were planning on being super extra with your party or if there was just a few people, personalised named bags would be a really cute idea. Have you had a party bag as an adult? 

Personalised Balloons

No party is complete without having a few balloons. It should be the number one rule that balloons are present at all parties. It’s utterly amazing all the different types of balloons you can buy these days. From spelling out different names and occasions or getting confetti filled personalised balloons. I’ve even seen people create photo opportunities with balloon arches. 


Depending what your party is for having wristbands can be an extra unique touch. Obviously, the theme of your party determines whether or not wristbands are a good fit; if you were having a Birthday Festival, you could give your guests wristbands to the “Rachella Festival”. Not going to lie, I think that should be a thing. Creating personalised silicone wristbands in the UK is super easy to do and actually rather cheap. Your guests will be able to keep those wristbands as a keepsake from the event. 

Five Ways to Personalise Your Next Party - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Create a Hashtag

An idea which doesn’t cost a penny. Create a hashtag for your party so your guests can share photos on social media. Again, if you have an event like “Rachella Festival”, you could easily create a hashtag and it would be kinda fun to use. Also, it would make finding photos  on social media really simple. 

Doughnut Wall

So my final idea isn’t really a personalised thing but I think it’s pretty damn cool. No party would be complete without a Doughnut Wall because who wouldn’t want one? I’ve seen these Doughnut Walls popping up at parties and weddings and they are such a great idea. The actual walls aren’t as expensive as you would think and I’ve seen one which fits 12 tasty treats for £10. As you can probably guess, the doughnuts need to be sourced separately but I think it’s such a simple but fun idea for any party. 

Do you ever host any parties?


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