Why city breaks can be just as fun when the weather cools off

November 4, 2019

With the summer well and truly over, now is the perfect time to plan a city break. You might have already planned your summer holiday, but there’s nothing wrong with a little winter trip as well to satisfy your travel cravings!

The weather might be colder, but there are plenty of good reasons to take a city break in the winter months. Need more convincing? Read on, and you’ll soon be booking your own winter getaway.

Why city breaks can be just as fun when the weather cools off - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Santa Claus is coming to town

Halloween is done and dusted, and November means that the Christmas festivities have fully begun. The run-up to Christmas doesn’t have to be taken up by shopping for presents, though.

One of the wonderful things about cities in the winter months is that you can almost guarantee the presence of a Christmas market in town. From beautifully crafted trinkets to mouth-watering food stalls, Christmas markets are a must in winter. Cities such as Edinburgh, Berlin and Prague are known for their fantastic Christmas markets that attract lots of visitors from around the world.

Cuisine to die for

Christmas markets often mean a wide variety of food and beverage stalls on display, with some of the best cuisines on offer. During the winter months, you can indulge in sweet treats such as Poffertjes in the Netherlands or Oliebol in Belgium. Travelling to a city in the winter months allows you to experience cuisines that differ from the typical summer offerings. It’s a great way to try new things!

Why city breaks can be just as fun when the weather cools off - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Explore without all of the tourists

Of course, around Christmas time, cities can get pretty busy. However, in the winter months, there are generally fewer tourists about. This is great if you love to explore. Cities aren’t as busy in the winter, so fewer tourists equals shorter queuing times to see famous attractions. You’ll also have more space to truly take in all of the wonderful sights – as well as capture that all-important Instagram snap!

You get to see a different side of local culture

Travelling to a city in the summertime is a great way to experience foreign cultures and learn about local traditions. However, this only gives you a snapshot of what local traditions are really like. In the wintertime, cities such as Seville transform, showing off their unique local traditions. If you visit Seville during the winter months, you’ll experience the tradition of Bélen. This gives you an insight into just how important this tradition is to locals, and allows you to experience something very special indeed.

Why city breaks can be just as fun when the weather cools off - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Travelling is easier and less pricey

Travelling during the winter months can be more budget-friendly, as cities aren’t as busy during peak summertime. Fewer tourists equate to less demand, which ultimately can help you to secure some fantastic deals on your accommodation and travel. However, cities are still cities, so it’s important to keep in mind how you will transfer from the airport to your accommodation. Public transport can still get cramped and is unreliable, so having a great way to get to your hotel is vital for your holiday, and you can do this through Airport Taxi Transfers. Arranging your airport transfers means less stress for you, letting you fully take in the wonderful winter sights.


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