Sneaky ways to keep up your fitness while on your travels

August 27, 2019

Travelling is good for the soul, period. However, it can be damaging for your fitness routine and while sometimes, it is important to detach from the norm, there are many tips and tricks to follow to keep your fitness up while on your travels. From hotel room workouts to hitting 10,000 steps to making smart choices at the dinner table, its not as difficult as you may anticipate. 

Sneaky ways to keep up your fitness while on your travels - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day

Its an old age cliche, but its a very true old age cliche. A big healthy breakfast will fuel your energy for the rest of the day and help to get your metabolism pumping. More often than not, hotels offer breakfast, so it allows you to stock up before you even start the day. And if its a breakfast buffet, it may be tempting to pile your plate sky-high, but rather instead, navigate each station one day at a time – a full English one day, pastries the next, and so on. This way, youre able to try everything without overindulging. 

Consider Your Diet Carefully

Your diet should be based around the staples. Meat, fowl, fish and eggs for that all important protein, and if youre vegetarian or vegan, aim for tofu, Quorn or legumes. Leafy green vegetables should be present at every meal where possible for those essential vitamins and minerals. While fruits are a brilliant source of carbs, some contain a high amount of natural sugar meaning theyre automatically higher in calories, so if youre on a weight loss journey, be sure to limit them. In regards to snacks, yoghurts, protein bars and nuts are an excellent shout. Generally, aim for the 80:20 rule, 80% of your diet should be made up of hearty, nutritious food with room for 20% of treats. Moreover, your fitness routine will boil down to 80% diet, 20% exercise. 

Get Steps In Wherever You’re Able

The stairs can make for an excellent workout, even more so if your hotel room happens to be on the 11th floor. Everyone knows that the stairs are much better for you than taking the elevator, but its something that very few people practice. Similarly, do you really need to take a taxi to somewhere thats a 20-minute walk away? Not really. Instead, walk and burn some calories. Plus, this way youll be able to see more of the place youre visiting; its a win, win. 

Sneaky ways to keep up your fitness while on your travels - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Win With Water

Hydration is key. Its recommended that we drink 3-4 litres of water every day, increasing this amount when exercising or in a hot climate. This also helps to control appetite as dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger, leading to overeating. Plus, it helps to reduce bloating and excessive water retention. Keep track of how much you drink each day, and youre more than likely to find youre drinking nowhere near enough! Many hotels, such as Dorsett Hotel, City of London offer a complimentary water bar, so there really is no excuse. 

The Gym Is a Necessity

You may head to the hotel gym, or a franchise nearby only to find that it’s packed. As frustrating as this may be, you by no means need to abandon your workout all together. Your hotel room is the perfect place to complete a quick, effective full body workout. Bodyweight workouts can prove highly effective; utilise lunges, squats, tricep dips, sit-ups, planks and press-ups efficiently and youre well on your way to your dream physique. 

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