What You Need To Know About Travel Vaccinations

July 22, 2019

Have you packed everything? Are your passports and tickets ready? Traveling internationally is always an exciting adventure. With so many destinations to visit and so many things to do, you will definitely tick a few items off of your bucket list. 

However, traveling to a different country can put you at a risk of contracting diseases that are not commonly found in your home country. This is why you should always get vaccinated at least a month before your trip. Book your appointment with PharmaVaccs travel vaccines and get same-day vaccinations for Hepatitis B, Typhoid, and several other popular travel vaccines. 

What You Need To Know About Travel Vaccinations

Here are a few things you should know about travel vaccinations before you book your next flight.

Are Travel Vaccinations Safe?

Travel vaccinations are not only safe but necessary. If you are pregnant and planning to travel to be sure to get an ultrasound to determine if your pregnancy is normal. Routine immunizations for inactivated vaccines such as Hepatitis A, tetanus, and diphtheria are considered safe for pregnant women. However live and attenuated vaccines such as Yellow fever, Rubella, Mumps, and measles are contraindicated in pregnancy and should be avoided. Stay away from yellow fever destinations until you have safely delivered to reduce the risk. 

Get In Early

It is always a good idea to get your travel vaccinations early in advance. This is because some of these vaccines have side effects and the last thing you need is to travel while unwell. Get your shots early to avoid last-minute inconveniences. 

What You Need To Know About Travel Vaccinations

There Is a Difference between Routine, Required and Recommended Travel Vaccines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has divided travel vaccines into three major categories. These are the routine, recommended and required travel vaccinations. Routine vaccinations are advocated for everyone who lives in the USA based on their age, medical status, and other risk factors. This includes the flu vaccine and the tetanus booster. 

Required vaccines, on the other hand, are a must-have and are regulated by a country’s government regulations. For example, the yellow fever vaccine is required if you wish to travel into a yellow fever area. 

Recommended vaccines are those vaccines that CDC advice you to get even though they are not required by the country you are visiting. For example, typhoid vaccine can protect you in the event you consume contaminated food and water. Be sure to read and familiarize yourself with all these vaccines before you leave. 

Consult Your Doctor before Getting Travel Vaccinations for Children

If you are planning to travel with your toddlers, be sure to talk to your family doctor and find out if the travel plans will pose a risk to your child’s health. Remember, vaccinating children requires careful evaluation. Some vaccines cannot be given to small children while others are not very effective when given to children of a certain age. Talking to your doctor as early as possible will minimize the risk and enable your children to travel safely and come back healthy. 

For Some Diseases, There Are No Vaccines

Get advice from your doctor on diseases that are deadly but have no vaccines so that you can take other preventative measures. For example, there are no vaccines for Zika virus, Ebola, dengue fever, sleeping sickness, dysentery, and parasitic worm infections. If you are traveling to Africa, be sure to carry your insect repellants and mosquito nets to keep the bugs away.  


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