Four Things to Consider Before Moving to a New City for University

February 26, 2019

When planning to attend university and moving to a new city to do so, it’s a bit jarring. There are many changes all at the same time. To avoid it becoming too much for you, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and know what to expect before you arrive.  Here are four things to consider before you make your move.  

Four Things to Consider Before Moving to a New City for University - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Prepare a Budget for Student Life 

Whether you’re a young student or going to university as someone who’s already worked full-time, it’s important to have a new budget for student life. While many of the expense categories are going to be similar to when living alone and holding down a job, there are certain education-based expenses you’ll need to include too. 

If it’s your first time being away from home, ask for help from family or older friends in drawing up a realistic budget. Some of the expenses might surprise you if most of your everyday expenses have previously been covered for you. But there are also student discounts available too. Also, if you want to afford better student accommodation, balancing your budget by making cuts here and there to afford a pleasant place to live is a great investment.  

Locate Quality Student Accommodation 

When you have decent student accommodation, you have space for your personal things. Having a quiet place to study and focus is important if you plan to get a 1st or an acceptable 2:1 grade with your degree for better job offers in the future. Being distracted isn’t conducive to achieving these sought-after grades! 

With Collegiate, they find quality places for students to stay while attending college or university in the UK. They understand that when students are away from home – possibly for the first time – they require accommodation that feels homely, safe and comfortable. Their student accommodation that’s available in cities such as Exeter has all these features, plus good locations and fast internet to help with researching the subject matter for your academic work. It’s a great option if you need student accommodation. 

Find a Part-time Job 

If you’re planning to do some part-time work between classes or on the weekend, then the earlier you start looking for a job, the better. They’ll be other students doing the exact same thing, even though you haven’t met them yet.  

Look at sites like and to find suitable employment that’s available in Exeter. You can also try different employers’ sites. Look at their jobs page if you’re interested in working for specific companies with an office in Exeter.  

Get the Lowdown on Transportation 

Know your transport options before you arrive. Not just how you’ll be getting to Exeter, but learn the city using public transport. Even if you have your own vehicle, it’s still useful to get a basic understanding of the road system coming into the Exeter and the surrounding areas. Map out where you’ll be staying, the location of the university, supermarkets, and high street shops first.  

As long as you prepare ahead of time and don’t just arrive in the city without doing some planning, you’ll be just fine. I was! 


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