How to Step Out in Style This Winter

January 30, 2019

Look online, and winter fashion is rather threadbare. Women still wear skirts, men’s coats are thin, and generally speaking, nothing you see could be worn comfortably in the cold, wet weather we have here in the UK. What you often see is just a fantasy, but that does not mean that you cannot be incredibly stylish in winter and actually stay warm. There are so many tips and tricks to help you keep cosy and still look photo-ready for streetwear photography, but here are the top five you should take to heart. 

How to Step Out in Style This Winter - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Get the Right Base Layers  

In winter sports, base layers are essential. Their main purpose is to keep your body dry. If you are drenched in sweat, you will freeze. It doesn’t matter how thick your coat is or whether it has down feathers or any other feature that promises warmth. That is why you should invest in underlayers from either a sporting store or simply by checking the material. Wool, for example, is a great material for a base layer because it keeps away moisture. You can then wear wool tights or socks underneath and be much warmer simply because the moisture is taken away from your skin.  

How to Step Out in Style This Winter - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Layer Up Your Outfits  

Layering is the name of the game for a fashionable but warm winter. Start first with your base layer and work up from there. You can wear for example a performance vest underneath a button-down shirt and a blazer. On top, you can wear a thick wool coat, scarf, hat, and gloves. With layers, you can experiment on cut, colour, and patterns for a unique and stylish outfit that will turn heads.  


Get a Great Timeless Coat  

Skip the cheap coats. If they aren’t made of well-performing fabric, they won’t keep you warm. Wool, feathers, and windbreakers are much better suited. If your coat is made of polyester, you won’t get the same insulation that natural fibres can provide. The structure of the coat itself is also important. At, for example, you can find luxury wool-wear and outerwear that is designed to last, both in terms of style and function. Investing in a coat that keeps you warm for years is a better investment for your health and wardrobe.  

Waterproof Your Shoes  

Always get your shoes waterproofed. This can be done with a simple spray, or you could also go to a cobbler to get extra soles put onto your heels for more lift and protection against the puddles on the ground.  

How to Step Out in Style This Winter - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Wear Winter Gear  

Though it is a myth that your head emits more heat from the rest of the body, it is true that it is the main source of heat loss during winter. Why? Because if you don’t wear a hat you are not insulating your head. Your neck, head, and hands should be covered when you go outside to keep you warm.  

Knowing a few basics about fabrics and styling can help you rock winter in total comfort and warmth, so start investing in a better winter wardrobe today!


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  1. Kathleen says:

    Base layers and a good quality coat are KEY I completely agree!

    Kathleen /

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