5 Ways to Save Energy and Help the Environment 

November 23, 2018

Most homeowners would love to save money within the house. However, there is a misconception that having an eco-friendly house is too costly to implement. There are many ways you can help save the environment – some obvious, others less so. All you have to do is be consistent in your approach to helping Mother Nature. 

If you wish to make a difference, consider the following guidelines to save energy. There is always time to make a difference, and not all ways will cost you a lot to implement.  

5 Ways to Save Energy and Help the Environment - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Be More Energy Efficient 

When you’re shopping for new appliances, look for the Energy Star label as these appliances are guaranteed to be energy efficient. Not only are you helping the environment, though, but you can reduce your heating and cooling costs by sealing and insulating your home too. What’s more, upgrade your home’s lighting and replace your light bulbs for more efficient LEDs or energy efficient light bulbs.  

Use Cleaner Energy Sources 

Many people are choosing to invest in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power when it comes to powering their homes. These energy sources emit no or only negligible air emissions, making them far more eco-friendly.  

It used to require a sizeable investment to install such energy sources. However, prices are coming down, and there are often schemes you can sign up for that will help with the cost.  

Upgrade Your Appliances 

Did you realise that your appliances probably account for as much as 30% of your energy usage, especially if your appliances are old? It’s only in the last five years or so that more efficient appliances have been available, so it might be time for you to consider upgrading yours. You could find yourself saving hundreds of pounds every year.  

Appliances to consider upgrading include: 

Older appliances were not created with the environment in mind.  

Replace Your Windows 

Do you still have single-glazed windows in your home? Double-glazed or triple-glazed windows will help you save on the cost of heating and cooling your home. Timber Windows Direct has a great range of wooden windows to choose from, all available with double-glazing. Also, ensure your windows are properly sealed.  

Reuse Your Waste Water 

While this is not really an energy saving tip, it is worth mentioning for its value when it comes to helping the environment. A greywater recycling system collects the water you use in your sinks, baths, showers, and dishwashers, cleans it up and then reuses it for your toilet, washing machine and outside tap. It is possible to reduce your use of water by as much as 50%. This means you can reduce your water bill and your water footprint. 

These are just a few ways in which you can save energy and reduce the size of your utility bills. Knowing that you are helping the environment is another good reason for trying one or two of them. The changes that you make may seem inconsequential, but if you multiply your efforts by several billion, it is going to make a huge difference. We can’t continue to use energy and deplete the world’s resources at the same rate. If we all work together, we can make a difference.  

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