The Highline & First Day on Trek America #2

November 1, 2017

My Travel Diary posts were going so well, I managed to get the first one published right off the bat. Since starting my Trek America trip, I’ve barely had time to get my laptop out. It’s actually been more than a week since my first post but we’re already in Texas and have covered Philadelphia, DC, Nashville, Memphis & New Orleans.

The Highline & First Day on Trek America #2

On my last day in New York, I started the day walking The Highline as I really wanted to visit some sights I’ve never done in the city. The Highline actually started right around the corner from my hotel which was The Jane in West Village. The Highline is an elevated garden running through the west side of the city on an old rail track. It’s running through a pretty hip area so there’s a lot of cool people about. There are some great views over the Hudson River and through the city.

The Highline & First Day on Trek America #2 The Highline & First Day on Trek America #2

I walked nearly the full length but decided to stroll through Chelsea which is a really lovely area too and head right across the city to the Flatiron Building. I’ve driven past the building in taxi’s before and I think you can see it from the top of the Empire State Building really well if I remember correctly. Right next to the Flatiron Building is Madison Square Park which is home to Shake Shack. The park is in such a lovely area to just chill and watch the city go by.

The Highline & First Day on Trek America #2 - Flat Iron The Highline & First Day on Trek America #2

Another sight to tick of the list is the New York Public Library. I’m not going to lie, I did only want to go in here to see where Big stood Carrie up in Sex and the city. The inside of the library is stunning though, it doesn’t even look like a library. Maybe more of a Museum with some incredible pieces of art. The Library is just around the corner from Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building so I made quick stop offs there. Grand Central Station always blows me away, the concourse is pretty spectacular with the incredible roof. It’s such a good place for people watching and there are some pretty good food places underneath the station.

Before heading over to Newark Airport, I had to go and check out Central Park and just chill for a couple of hours. Central Park is probably one of my favourite places in the world. By this point, I was pretty knackered and just ended up sitting on a rock for ages. There’s so much to see in Central Park and it was very exciting to see the famous Christmas Ice Rink being built. I’ll definitely be back in December!

After getting stuck in an Uber in the Lincoln Tunnel, I made it to Newark Airport which is where I was staying the night before Trek America starts. I met up with Alex who is also doing the tour. We ordered waaaay too much room service before an early night.

I’ll probably go into more details about what happens on Trek America but in a nutshell, we all met at the hotel, filled out our details and got on the road to Philadelphia. It was a very short stay in Philadelphia but we got to see the Rocky Steps and Statue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I’m actually pretty proud that I ran up the stairs with my 20-ton backpack on!

We also visited the Liberty Bell which had a very long que but there is a small viewing point through a glass window and also Independence Hall. I’m not going to lie, the favourite part of the trip to Philadelphia was trying a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich from Jim’s Steaks. It honestly was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted and really reasonably priced at only $7. I really enjoyed visiting Philadelphia, even though it was short but sweet. It’s certainly somewhere I’d love to visit again and explore further.

We actually ended up in our fourth state of the day when we reached Washington DC which is where we are staying for two nights at the central HI Hostel there. En route, we realised there was a big basketball game on where tickets were under $20. It was the Washington Wizards against the Detroit Pistons and the Wizards ended up winning after a pretty tight game.

Hopefully, my next update on America won’t be in four weeks. I’m going to keep it so I write about two days in one post. Don’t forget to keep up to date with me on social media. I’ve been posting a lot on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #RachInTheStates. Stay tuned for more DC adventures next!



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