The Perfect Gift for the Older Gentleman

October 18, 2017

Why is it that buying gifts for the older generations can turn even the most level-headed among us into a quivering wreck? These are the people that have brought us up, guided us and yet they have managed to instil a fear into us that giving a gift could be anything other than great. After all, they appear to have everything that they could possibly need. There are, however, there are a few gifts that if they have been carefully selected will raise eyebrows for all the right reasons.


The recipient of your gift may have an eclectic taste to be catered for, in which case a hamper is an ideal gift for them. You don’t need to restrict it to the usual hamper goodies but think outside of the box. You don’t need to go overboard on chutney or cheeses, but think more along the lines of a poker night hamper with cards, visors, whisky and cigars. This will be gratefully received and provide you with a great opportunity to spend time together – you just need to be prepared to be a good loser.

The Perfect Gift for the Older Gentleman

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Fine Wines

There has been an increase in the number of people seeing fine wine as an investment, and so why not take advantage too? Investing in fine wines appeals to many different people, from individuals to keen collectors, from large multinationals to groups of friends who want to collaborate to give a gift to remember – whatever their reasons they must all take steps to ensure that their luxury wine storage is adequate to preserve the value of the wine! You don’t want your gift being stored any other way than the best to keep it at its optimum, and Octavian Vaults provides a safe and secure location that ensures that the humidity and temperature are optimum for the wine’s development.

Magazine Subscription

It doesn’t matter who you are buying for – there is a vast selection of magazines, and one is sure to appeal to the recipient. It can be ordered for a year as a gift. While we live in a digital age, with information at our fingertips, some people still enjoy having a physical magazine to hold while they are reading. If you’re unsure about the subject of a magazine to order, something like the National Geographic or Time Magazine will provide timeless content that will have something in them for everyone.

The Perfect Gift for the Older Gentleman - adopt an animal - chester zoo

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Adopt an Animal

Everybody has a favourite animal. Whether you’re 8 or 80 years old, there will be an animal that makes you go starry-eyed. Think back over the time you have known the person you are buying for, and try to remember any animal that has great significance to your relationship. It may be that adopting a silverback gorilla is appropriate for the head of your family, or perhaps a wily fox. Look out for an adoption at your local zoo that will also incorporate a day trip so that you can spend a very different type of day together too.


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