How to Create a Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

February 24, 2017

Unicorns are everything right now. I’m a little bit obsessed!  From children’s birthday parties, to adult celebrations of all things rainbow-related. The creative licence with this theme has taken many forms and just shows how inventive you can get with something so niche. Whether you’re catering for little ones or big ones, there’s plenty on offer to make sure your unicorn-themed birthday party goes to plan.

What to Wear

First up is the outfit choices for the party. If this is a children’s party, how about these little unicorn headbands from Etsy for all the children to wear? You can even get the birthday girl or boy a personalised headband as something special. I’ve also been seeing many headbands on the high street – I’ve been tempted!

For a cosy (and very cute) look for the shindig, children can wear these unicorn onesies from Peacocks. This could be an excellent choice for a sleepover as the little ones will be very comfortable from the start! To take your look to the next level, grab some unicorn slippers.

For the adults, the costume choices can be just as innocent and cute – such as a rainbow jumper and pale pink trousers – or can go into the risqué field of ‘adult’ fancy dress. Think short and low-cut dresses such as this one!

Another great addition to the fancy dress outfit for adults is to dye your hair to mimic the look of a rainbow. This is hugely popular on Instagram, simply search for #unicornhair or #rainbowhair for some inspiration. It is quite the investment for just one party but the overall look will be great in everyday life too. If you don’t want anything too permanent, hair chalk would be a great idea! How to Create a Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

Photo source: Simon Law

Unicorn Decorations

The world is your oyster with decorations. You can have fun with your table dressings, wall decorations and even with the balloons. There’s the whole spectrum of the rainbow to work with but the most popular colour choices are pastels such as pale pink and blue along with golds, silvers and yellows.

These balloons from Fabulous Partyware are super cute and can be strewn around your party area for maximum effect. It comes in a DIY kit so you can get crafty on your own or involve the family too.  

Ebay has an entire section dedicated all things unicorn, including paper plates, napkins, cupcake decorations, cups and even banners saying ‘We love unicorns’! From bold rainbow prints to softer pastels, there’s so much to choose from depending on the look you want to achieve.

As well as buying decorations in, you could always make a ‘rainy day’ activity of creating some bits and pieces yourself. The little ones are sure to enjoy getting involved, especially with all the glitter on the go!How to Create a Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

Photo Source: Julie Grafé

The Unicorn Cake

Here is where things get very impressive. I’m sure you’ve all seen some ‘how to’ videos on Facebook or Instagram of making a unicorn cake. It’s fascinating seeing those tasty works of art come alive, full of colour and usually very cute too. This video from Popsugar shows how simple it is to create one – the buttercream icing as the unicorn hair looks so damn delicious. If you don’t have the time to make your own cake, you can go simpler with a unicorn cake topper. This is usually an actual unicorn to place on top, or the ears, hair and horn taking centre stage.

You can also have some fun with cupcakes, piping out a myriad of colours in buttercream followed by some edible glitter and some mini unicorn horns. A couple of days ago, I saw on This Morning that they were doing Unicorn cupcakes with candy filling inside. It seems that Holly Willoughby also has a slight obsession with Unicorns!

Party Games

To ensure you have enough space to play some unicorn party games, you need to have a think about the space you have. Is your party a small affair for four, or a bigger gathering of 10 or more? Try to envision where people will be able to move around and what needs to get out of the way for this to happen.

A great way to keep your living space interchangeable is with internal bifold doors. You can switch things up from a separate dining room and living room into one huge space that can handle some energetic party games!

Games to consider for your unicorn-themed birthday party:

Do you love Unicorns? Would you have a Unicorn themed party?

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14 responses to “How to Create a Unicorn Themed Birthday Party”

  1. That cake is so pretty. I can see why unicorns are such a thing at the moment, people love some escapism

  2. Emily Leary says:

    That cake is just gorgeous! I could definitely get behind the idea of a unicorn themed party and you’ve shown that it wouldn’t be too difficult!

  3. Claire says:

    Rainbow poop cookies. Absolute genius. I love that unicorns are trendy right now

  4. shannon says:

    I love unicorns so naturally I love this! Perfect for any age. That cake is beautiful!

  5. I always call myself a mermaid but I am definitely part unicorn as well so hell yeah to a unicorn themed party. That would be cool!

  6. MakeUp Fun says:

    Omg I’m so in love with unicorns! That’s a great idea! I will follw your advices for an epic party. xx

  7. Viki Marden says:

    I think this is one party my little girl would love, I love the pin the horn game idea 🙂

  8. Charlotte says:

    Love the unicorn cake! Have been looking at unicorn poop recipes on Pinterest. Going to adapt them for my daughters Trolls party.

  9. Anosa says:

    Awww this is a gorgeous set-up! I think I have to consider this theme on my birthday! nice idea!

  10. Rachel says:

    Oh this would be just so much fun. I definitely would want a Unicorn themed party for sure x

  11. fashionmommy says:

    That cake is lovely, but I am a little puzzled by the unicorn obsession at the moment – they seem to be everywhere.

  12. Anosa says:

    I loved unicorns as a child not so much now as an adult but I do love the look of the table decorations and that’ cake looks amazing

  13. I don’t know what it is about Unicorns, but I love them and so do many friends I know! I love the idea of having an adult unicorn party, and I would have to have that cake! It looks amazing!!

  14. I too love unicorns! It’s true, they’re great! I would LOVE to have an adult unicorn party oh my gawwwwddd! These pictures are beautiful!

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