My Essential Items for an Camping Holiday

September 7, 2016

Essentials for an outdoor holiday camping - Rachel nicole UK Blogger

You might be thinking Rachel and Camping certainly don’t go together. Well, that is true. Although, I would say I’m a pretty nifty camper when it comes to pitching my tent at festivals. I’ve not had a lot of experience and next year I’m thinking Wilderness Festival in a luxury pod might be the one for me. Glamping is also high on my list of things to do. Whether it’s a festival, glamping or just camping out in the wilderness; there are a few essentials that you’ll need to take with you to tackle the outdoors.

First aid kit

Hopefully, I won’t be needing a full first aid kit, but I’d rather have one in my bag. I actually take a first aid kit with me on holiday filled with all the essentials from paracetamol to bandages! I’ll have antiseptic wipes and plasters galore to take care of it. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared!

Raincoats and ponchos

Taking a trip in the UK, it wouldn’t be complete without some wet weather gear to accompany the down pour of rain we’re likely to get in merry old England. It’s always handy to have a really good raincoat like these ones from Mac in a Sac, they also do handy rain ponchos that are more lightweight – they simply fold away into a pouch so that I can pop them into my handbag which is ideal!

Good walking boots

Whilst exploring the good old English countryside, you’ll definitely need some decent footwear for trudging around fields and crossing streams. Walking boots with a good sole on the bottom as well as some wellington boots is a good shout. If I know there is mud involved my Hunter wellies usually make an appearance.

Sun protection

I know I’ve gone on about wet weather and mud but on that rare occasion, the sun makes an appearance it’s best to be prepared with the right sun protection. Sun cream, sun hats and sunglasses are all essentials, so that if the weather turns out to be better than expected, a spot of sunbathing could be in order!

Blankets, mats and mattresses

Finally, there’s a lot of essentials when it comes down to the actual camping aspect. Comfort and warmth are the most important things to me. Aside from the usual tents, sleeping bags and so on, it’s important to have either a simple mat or a blow-up mattress to separate your body from direct contact with the ground. It will keep you much warmer, and you can add a blanket as an extra layer for better comfort.

This Summer I really have been stepping out of my comfort zone and doing lot’s of interesting and different activities. So who knows, maybe camping is next on that list! What do you think of my list? If you’re a keen camper and you have any advice, I’d love to hear it so please leave me a comment. Is camping for you or would you rather go glamping?


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7 responses to “My Essential Items for an Camping Holiday”

  1. Angela says:

    oh raincoats are always good for camping. Also mattresses. I went camping as a teenager and we had a thin roll and it was so so uncomfortable. Never again without a nice mattress.

  2. Jo Wiggins says:

    Glamping I love, camping not so much. Great tips though x

  3. I have never been proper camping, but we are hoping to go next April, can’t wait

  4. Great list, I haven’t been for ages so wouldn’t have a clue what to take.

  5. It’s a great list Rachel, but I think you are just like me and would hate camping, need glamour and home comforts!

  6. Melissa major says:

    I’ve never been camping befor ( maybe one day) but this list is very helpful for people planning on going camping

  7. Anna says:

    I totally agree with wellies! I went glamping and my boyfriend just had trainers and he was really regretting! Great informative post!

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