Travel: Universal Studios & Orlando, Florida – Part Five

January 26, 2016

I’m finally back with my Walt Disney World/Orlando Posts. I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to get on with Part Five but I do love doing these posts as I feel like I’m re-living the holiday a little. If you’re interested in reading my other posts on my holiday, here is Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four

Day Eleven – Universal Studios

After visiting Universal Studios the week before we decided to start in Island’s of Adventure and explore that park first before getting the Hogwarts Express over to Universal. I’m not really into Marvel Superheroes but they have a massive area which is home to the Spiderman 3D Ride which is incredibly good. There’s also the HUGE Hulk Rollercoaster which was unfortunately closed – I’m not sure I would’ve plucked up the courage to go on it though!
We also explored Toon Lagoon which was a life-size comic strip and pretty amazing although we decided the water rides were a little too wet for us but decided to go on the classic Jurrasic Park ride instead. After my trip to Florida, I now have a massive fear of Dinosaurs (Thanks to the Dinosaur ride in Animal Kingdom) so despite Jurrasic Park being pretty tame, I hated it!
The remainder of the day was spent in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it’s so hard not to get completely taken away by Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. For Lunch, we went to The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade and It’s funny seeing the English inspired menu’s but the Fish and Chip’s were pretty good! The rides there are just incredible and I don’t really tend to go on big rides but I talked myself into going on The Dragon Challenge which was the most insane ride I’ve ever seen/been on. I was pretty proud of myself!

After boarding the Hogwarts Express, we went back to Diagon Alley for some Butterbeer and I also picked up a wand from Ollivander’s! We had originally planned to go to Hard Rock Café but after eating at The Three Broomsticks earlier we were all so full. I’d love to go back at some point, just to go there as it’s this massive arena and the biggest in the world.

Day Twelve – Sea World, Epcot Illuminations and The Boardwalk

In the morning, we went to Sea World as I had been given complimentary press tickets for my family. I know this is pretty controversial but I did want to visit myself and see what it was like to form my own opinion. We did have a lovely morning in the park and saw quite a lot of it, I never realised they even had rides there too. I wasn’t keen on the shows though, I don’t really the idea of performing animals anyway, but the sea lion just wasn’t my cup of tea. I really liked the penguin section though, You go on a little ride through a penguins life then the ride comes out and there is real life penguins everywhere!

After a couple of hours chilling back at our hotel, we headed to Epcot and went for dinner at Via Napoli in Italy. I’d heard so many great reviews of this place, My Mum and I shared the biggest pizza and It was incredible. After food, we had a fast pass for Test Track where you could design your own car then basically test it and mine was the winner!

Illuminations is Epcot’s firework and light show which happens every evening, we stood in the French Pavillion but probably was better nearer to Canada or Mexico. The show was still incredible and really worth seeing. After the fireworks, we walked over to The Boardwalk to explore. The Boardwalk is such a cute and I would have loved to have explored the area more with cute little bakery’s and a dance hall. We had a drink at the ESPN Sports Bar which was pretty amazing if you are a sports fan as they were showing all sort’s of live games. 

Day Thirteen – Epcot Food & Wine Festival and Medieval Times

We decided to spend the majority of the day in Epcot as it was the first day of the Food & Wine Festival which runs from the end of September and through October. All around the world pavillion in Epcot was additional little stands serving bize size treats from different countries. Each dish is around $4-$10 so we only had a couple each. The first stop was their Champagne and Dessert stand which was serving amazing chocolate desserts infused with Champagne – Totally down my street! We also had to get some belgian waffles (which were so yummy), a lobster roll from America and I tried an Japanese slush-like drink. 

Whilst wandering around the pavillion, we looked around all the different countries which we hadn’t previously explored. I was so happy to meet the Mexican Donald Duck but I look horrendous in the photo’s!

In the evening, we headed to the Kissimee area as we had been invited along to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. I’ve never been to anything like this but it was such a great evening. Upon entry we were assigned a colour and that would be the knight we were backing in the Tournament. After taking out seats on the long wooden pews, the show started with a parade of knights on horses. It was a real fun-filled show and the tickets included a four course meal which you have to eat without cutlery (like the medieval times) and soft drinks. The food we got was really yummy, I think we were there for about two and half hours and it’s perfect for all ages and also our knight won! You can get discounted tickets here.

I’d like to thank Visit Orlando for arranging some special excursions and to Sea World and Medieval Times for having us. Although I recieved complimentary tickets, my thoughts and opinions are my own. Part Six will be coming soon and it will be the last one! Apologies for the quality of some of these photo’s, they don’t seem to be the best! Hope you’ve enjoyed these Florida blogposts, you can view my vlog’s here!


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  1. Awww you and the characters look so cute! This has made me miss Florida aaaah

  2. LoveT. says:

    Wow, amazing Pics! i love the Castle 🙂

    lovely Greetings

  3. Your whole trip sounds amazing. Food & wine festival? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Count me in. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  4. SLovesAutumn says:

    This looks like such a magical time. I would be ridiculously excited if I saw Goofy! He was my favourite growing up.

    The Harry Potter scenes sound great. Lunch in The Three Broomsticks and Diagon Alley! I bet the crowds are insane.


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