July 9, 2011

Some of you may know that this week was the final world premiere of Harry Potter and i was one of those crazy fans who camped out to catch a glimpse of the cast! I have had an amazing week and Thursday was proberbly one of the best days of my life! I arrived in London early Wednesday afternoon and there was already hundreds of people there – It was crazy how many people were there and alot of people had travelled thousands of miles just to be there! The security guards eventually kept on moving us and in the end i went to McDonalds for some food and was passing M+M world and JLS were there so i got their autograph – i’m not a huge fan but i was passing! We did camp overnight although i didnt catch any z’s – It was the centre of London and that city definatley does not sleep, even at 3am there was flocks of people walking past. Everyone seemed to be up and awake at 4am-ish and at that time we were currently sitting in a little pen waiting to be moved on to the upper terrace in trafalger square, Whilst waiting the heavens opened, i got drenched, i was shivering.. in all the 29 hours i was there, that was the moment i wanted to go home, but in the end i am soooo glad i stayed. When we got our places on the upper terrace we had a great view over the steps and the stage but it wasnt somewhere i could meet the cast. People started arriving at 4pm and Rupert Grint was one of the first to arrive and maaaan he was soooo beautiful. More and more people arrived and i decided to find a spot where i could get autographs whilst my friend stopped and took pictures over the red carpet. I did get the Phelps twins autograph BUT I did meet some of the cast including RUPERT GRINT! I cannot express how happy i was to have met him and he was standing there right in front of me! I also met Alan Rickman who plays Severaus Snape, I really am not sure how to describe him apart from the fact i think he is very like his character, i dont think saw him smile, he didnt say anthing and all the while everyone around him was singing and chanting his name. He seemed like a very cool guy though. I also met Tom Felton, I’ve always thought that in most of the pictures i have seen of him he looked airbrushed and he is actually like that in real life, he is actually that good looking in real life! Also met; Matthew Lewis, Robbie Coultraine, Peaches Geldof (i told her i like her column in Nylon), Nick Grimshaw! Emma Watson and Helena Bonham Carter were getting interveiwed about 2 meters away, they both looked stunning but they didnt come over to say hi, but it was still pretty surreal having them just in front of you. Them two are both pretty big influences to me and i love Emma Watson and she is definatly a style icon for me, and just to have seen her in real life, it really meant alot to me! Also JK Rowling was getting interveiwed 2 metres away and i shouted ‘We love you Jo, Thank you so much’ and she turned around and smiled! One of the greatest moments, she is an amazing women and shes just amazing for creating it all! Also met Darren Criss from Glee.. told him i loved him.. he said thank you. Also McFly strolled past, no one around me wasn’t too bothered but i am a huuge fan of theirs for the past 7 years so i was shouting them and Dougie stopped and said hello! Overall the whole experience was amazing! At the end Daniel, Emma, Rupert, Jo + the producers and directors went on stage and all gave speeches, i think EVERYONE was in tears and it sounds cliched and everyone has said it but Harry Potter was like my whole childhood, i grew up with it so it was amazing to have been there on Thursday! I am quite upset though, as i am going to Crete tommorow and will not be able to see the actual film for another 2 weeks but as soon as i land back in England i am going to a cinema! I don’t think i will be posting anything for the next two weeks unfortunatly but i will be back with pictures from london, crete, the premiere (also there is a video somewhere on the bbc news of me in trafalger square!), outfits i’ve been wearing and hauls!

P.s i’m sorry if i’ve babbled on but i’ve also kind of wrote it all down here so i can look back and never forget it!

“Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home” – JK Rowling <3

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  1. Daly says:

    AAAH! You are sooo lucky! That is amazing! The film comes out on july 15 for us, and of course i'm going to costa rica for three weeks on july 14! Can you believe my luck! Anyway, I'm really happy I found your blog. We actually have a lot alike. Well, at least 2 things:a) we both love harry potter b) we have the same background on our blogs! Speaking of which, would you like to follow each other? I really enjoy your blog, and would love to read more posts. Let me know what you think by commenting or following me and I'll do the same for yoU!



  2. Rachhh. says:

    Thanks so much, i shall check it out when i get back from holiday! Have a great time in Costa Rica!!!!!! Xxx

  3. Aphrodite says:

    Me and my sisters are waiting to see it too.=)


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