April 12, 2011

My mum took me to Hull shopping yesterday, it was pretty draining bought a couple of things but i didnt think there was anything really special in the shops.. nothing that stood out that i just HAD to buy. Went to Primark there wasnt much there either got two dresses in the style but different patterns, i went in for some chinos but they had none 🙁 Going to Leeds on Saturday to watch Leeds United (My family’s idea of a family day out) so i’m hoping that there will be some chinos in the Primark there.

These were £9 from Primark the first one is birds (very miu miu) and the other one was multi coloured flamingos. I was only gunna get the bird one but i didnt get much else from Primark so i decided i could afford both :L Wore the bird one today with a belt from a pair of Jasper Conran jeans and a pair of wedged sandals.
Got a bikini from Tesco think it was £8 for the top and £5 for the bottoms.. havent got a holiday booked yet but i thought i might aswell get a bikini ready! Also tried on a jumpsuit and it actually looked pretty good and fit me even though im such a shortarse!

Primark £3, thought it would look good under see through blouses or under baggy vests 🙂
Went to TJ Huges, not a massive fan of that shop but my mum made me go in and they had loaddds of reduced make up and managed to dig out some Calvin Klein clear nail polish and some Boujois eyeshadow both 99p each! I was actually in need of some clear polish too! Then got a lil Fruit Salad Yankee Candle with a lil holdster, its my favourite scent.. i absolutly LOVEEE the Yankee Candles!!!
Got a grapefruit smelling bath bomb in Lush in the shape of a chick! Then the women behind the desk gave me a free Mr. Whippy 😀 <333 Lush.

Finally got my copy of the company high street edit, there was one article about queing up, it made me chuckle because half of it was relevent to me. Especially the part about the Abercrombie que.. yeah i stand there with a smug look on my face but once im inside im huffing about it been overpriced, even though i’ve just qued to get inside!
Had to go to the post office today to pick up a parcel was my stuff from Amazon. Got my mum Zumba fitness for the Wii for her birthday on Thursday. On her birthday we’re going to them places where the fish nibble your feet! Got a book called ‘Seventeenth Summer’ by Maureen Daly.

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