What’s on my Travel Bucket list?

June 19, 2019

At the beginning of every year, I always seem to do some type of Travel Bucket list of all the places I’d love to visit in that upcoming year. I’ve never really talked about my long term plans and what’s on my lifetime Travel Bucket list. As you can imagine there are so many different places I’d love to visit and things I’d love to do. I thought I’d do a little post with some of my Ultimate Travel Bucket list items, they are pretty vague as there are still so many places I’d love to visit that the list could go on forever. Hopefully, this gives some insight into some personal goals I have.

My Ultimate Travel Bucket List - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Visit All 50 States in the USA

One goal which I would love to achieve is to visit all 50 states in the USA. At the grand age of 24, I’m not doing too badly – I’ve visited 17 states! I spent ten weeks travelling throughout America but there’s still so much I haven’t seen, it’s a bloomin’ HUGE country! I really need to resist the urge of going back to places like New York, Florida, California and Las Vegas and try and go out and see some new places such as these places;

I think what really blew me away on my USA trip was visiting Yosemite and the Grand Canyon so visiting more National Parks is something really high on my list. I was actually supposed to visit Niagra Falls and Chicago on that trip but things got re-juggled and I wasn’t able to fit it in anymore so I’ve always been very keen to go back to visit those places. Alaska is also really high up on my list as it just looks like such a beautiful state but I wouldn’t know where to begin. I’d be tempted to book an Alaska Cruise so you get to see the highlights of the state.

My Ultimate Travel Bucket List - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Go on a Cruise

Following on from my last point, I’d absolutely love to do a cruise. The closest thing I’ve got is a P&O Ferries Mini Cruise over to Amsterdam which I’m guessing is nothing like a proper cruise ship. The whole experience looks so incredible and it’s a great way of seeing lots of different places and getting a taster for them. I’d love to do a Carribean Cruise, my parents did one when I was younger and I was so envious but I think it would be pretty amazing to do one in South East Asia or as I said before, Alaska.

My Ultimate Travel Bucket List - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Visit Asia

A very very vague point but I’ve never been to Asia. To be honest, it was never high up on my list to do the whole gap year thing around South East Asia so I kinda missed the boat on that one. I would love to visit Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and that sort of area but I think visiting Singapore and Japan are pretty much at the top of my Asia bucket list. If I ever went to Singapore, it would top of my bucket list to book a night in Marina Bay Sands just to experience the infamous infinity pool. I’d also love to visit China, I’ve been following Ellie from The Wandering Quinn and she did an incredible trip around China which included camping on the Great Wall, how amazing is that experience?

My Ultimate Travel Bucket List - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Visit every Disney Park & Resort

There was obviously going to be a Disney related item on the list. One of my main goals would be to visit every Disney Park in the world. So I’ve already ticked off Orlando, California and Paris so I’d love to go across to the Shanghai, Hong Kong and Toyko parks. Kariss from Shy Strange Manic managed to do all three of the Asian parks in one trip and it looked incredible. The food at those parks is on another level. I’m also including the Disney Cruise to visit Castaway Cay and Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii in this as they both look out of this world.

My Ultimate Travel Bucket List - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Road Trips around Australia and New Zealand

Australia is up there on my travel bucket list. It’s also one of those places you’d have to visit for a least a month but I’d love to have the opportunity to travel around and especially to do an East Coast Road Trip. I’ve written plenty of posts about why I’d love to visit Australia, I just need to make it happen. I’d probably want at least a month road trippin’ around New Zealand too.

My Ultimate Travel Bucket List - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Honeymoon in The Maldives

The Maldives is just the ultimate goal for a honeymoon. It just looks like utter paradise with the crystal clear blue waters. There are so many incredible resorts offering a first class service with food and hospitality, it would be an incredible place to spend a special occasion. I’ve even seen a resort with the most amazing overwater bungalows that have their very own water slide. However, I think I would need to win the lottery to ever stay there as it costs a pretty penny!

Spend New Year’s Eve Abroad

It’s always been a dream of mine since I was probably around 10 to be in Times Square, New York for New Year’s Eve. You see it on all these movies and TV shows and it looks so exciting and magical. However, I’ve since realised it’s probably not that magical been cramped in barriers for like 24 hours in the freezing cold. I probably would still love to be in NYC for New Years’s but experiencing all the celebrations anywhere abroad would be pretty amazing. Especially somewhere like Bondi Beach!

That’s just a few things on my Travel Bucket list which I’d love to complete in the next ten or twenty years. I could literally go into so much more detail about specific places which I’m tempted to do another post in the future. Also in addition to the Ulitmate American Bucket List to see what I’ve ticked off already. It’s so great to create these lists to look back on see what you’ve achieved!

What’s on your ultimate Travel Bucket List?


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  1. Jess says:

    Top of my list is India, Australia, New Zealand and Japan!

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

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