Visiting Famous Movie & TV Locations around London

May 29, 2019

There has been countless movies and TV show filmed in and around London. Some of which, are pretty iconic and one of my favourite things to do is visit different locations. Simply Acadamy has put together a little infographic for me to share with some of the most famous properties featured in some of my favourite movies and where to find them! It’s pretty interesting to see how much the properties are actually worth too. I bet they’ve increased in value after appearing on the big screen.

Visiting Famous Film & TV Locations around London - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

One of my all-time favourite movies is actually Notting Hill and I was so unbelievably excited when I came across the famous book shop as ran by Hugh Grant in the movie. There are a few other shops actually on Portobello Road which claim they are “the book shop” but this one which is located on Blenheim Cresent is the real deal and even has a blue plaque outside.

Just around the corner is the famous Notting Hill flat with the blue door which Hugh Grant resides. There’s usually a small queue to get a photo and you can usually spot passers-by with confused looks wondering what we are all doing posing outside quite a shabby flat door. It’s crazy that this one bedroom property is worth £5 million! These two are certainly must visit for any Notting Hill fan. It’s also worth taking a trip to the Ritz where Julia Roberts character stayed towards the end of the film where they made a dash across town to see her!

Visiting Famous Film & TV Locations around London - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger Visiting Famous Film & TV Locations around London - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger


It’s no surprise that Notting Hill has been a popular filming choice for various movies. Another favourite of mine is Love Actually, there are many famous London landmarks featured in the movie. You would be able to find Peter and Juliet’s house in Notting Hill. This is where Keira Knightley’s character gets wooed by the guy from The Walking Dead when he pretends to be “carol singers”. Gabriels Wharf on Southbank, Selfridges and St. Christopher’s Place are all also filming locations.

The Paddington Movie is another which has London featured heavily throughout. The Brown Family Home is actually in the Primrose Hill area but in the first movie, they did actually film on Portobello Road in Notting Hill and visit the famous Alice’s antique store.  Believe it or not, they actually filmed in Paddington station too (as well as Marylebone Station too). The Natural History Museum plays a huge part in the first movie too!

Visiting Famous Film & TV Locations around London - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

You’ll be able to find countless Harry Potter filming locations throughout London. In fact, there are specific day tours which take you around them all. Additionally, it’s not too far to Watford which is where you will find the Harry Potter Studio Tour which is the real studios in which the movies were created. I highly recommend visiting, I’ve been three times and it just keeps on getting better. As for locations in London, there is Australia House, Reptile House, Kings Cross just to name a few. I’ve actually done a dedicated post on my favourite Harry Potter filming locations in London. I’m hoping to do another one of Harry Potter locations outside of London.

Last weekend, we actually visited Goathland in the North York Moors which was a filming location from the first movie and they used as the Hogwarts train station. There’s also Durham Cathedral, Alnwick Castle and it’s always worth mentioning the Elephant House in Edinburgh which is where JK Rowling wrote the first book! The list goes on and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to put together another blog post!

I feel like I need another trip to visit some new filming locations. I’m still yet to visit 12 Grimmauld Place from Harry Potter which was mentioned in the infographic above. It’s kind of fun putting together the locations in real life and comparing them to your favourite movies. Have you visited any movie locations in London or elsewhere?

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  1. Jess says:

    It’s crazy how much a film can make property prices increase by!! So much for being able to afford a 1 bed flat! Guess I’ll make do with a photo-op!

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  2. Ashley says:

    What a fun idea! I love the film Notting Hill too! It’s amazing how much these properties cost! xxx

  3. Lauren says:

    Still kinda tempted to rent Bridget’s flat tho tbh

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