Five Destinations I want to visit in Canada

February 17, 2019

Canada is a country firmly on my bucket list to thoroughly explore. I did have a flying visit into Vancouver for four days on my big USA adventure in 2017. I originally had plans to go over to Toronto and Montreal but they sadly fell through. Canada is such a beautiful country and those few days in Vancouver were a perfect taster and I’m now more determined than ever to go back and explore further. You can read about my adventures in Vancouver here

There are so many destinations in Canada on my bucket list to check out, I mean it’s one hell of a big country. Ideally, a road trip would be the best option and to hire a car during your Canada holiday would mean you would see as much as possible in one trip. Unless you had a couple of months, there’s no way you could see everything Canada has to offer. I’ve compiled a little list of all the places I’d love to see in Canada and hopefully, one day do my dream Canadian Roadtrip. 

Five Destinations I want to visit in Canada - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger


I know I’ve already visited Vancouver but it truly was a beautiful city. I’ve linked my post above but the weather wasn’t great. It literally poured it down for four days and it was really foggy which meant I couldn’t go up into the mountains due to low visitbility. It was to be expected as I visited in late November but I’d love to re-visit in Summer. I can imagine that Stanley Park comes alive in the sunshine and would be an ideal spot for a picnic surrounded by the mountains. I did really love the whole vibe of Vancouver and I can see why many people have said it’s one of their favourite destinations. Next time I visit, I’d love to go up to the Grouse Mountain Peak as it was closed when I visited. Although, I did visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge and it was an incredible (but a very wet and rainy) experience.

Five Destinations I want to visit in Canada - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger Five Destinations I want to visit in Canada - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger


Alberta in general is a province I’d love to explore and definitly the perfect place for a road trip. Banff and Lake Louise are those places you see on Instagram and they just don’t look real as they are so incredibly beautiful. Lake Louise has the dreamiest blue waters surrounded by the rocky mountains and foresty, how incredible would it be to just enjoy that sight in real life. Calgary is about 90 minutes from Banff and is another city which I’d love to visit so it would be pretty ideal to do an organised tour.

Five Destinations I want to visit in Canada - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger


Heading over to the East side of Canada and I’d previously booked to visit Toronto but sadly I didn’t end up going. From the UK, flying over to Toronto can be really reasonably priced with airlines such as British Airways and Air Canada. Toronto would be a great option for a long haul city break. I was pretty upset that I couldn’t visit Toronto in the end but I’m even more determined to book a trip over there in the next year or so. From what I can gather, Toronto has got an amazing foodie scene with so many incredible restaurants and places to dine out. You know me, I’ll be where the good food is. Toronto also isn’t too far from Niagra Falls which is on the Canada and USA border. I was also planning on visiting Niagra Falls as it’s such an impressive bucket list sight.

Nova Scotia

I’m not too sure where my facination of Nova Scotia has come from. It’s most likely stalking photos on Instagram. Isn’t it so intreresting now how Instagram photos can really influence your travel deciscions. It’s a great tool for discovering destinations and I use it all the time for hunting down food places in different cities. Nova Scotia just looks like a beautiful desination for a slow paced trip  but still with a few adventures such as whale watching. Halifax is the capital city of the provence and has a lot of martime history and is also known for it’s delicious seafood.

Quebec City

Finally, Quebec City is also on my Canadian list. Another east side destination but the in Quebec they actually speak French. The provence of Quebec is primarily a French speaking area which I find so interesting. The architechture, old-style buildings and chateaus are what caught my eye when looking into Quebec. It’s actually got a French feel to the city. My favourite Candian dish; Poutine actually orginated from Quebec and they have annual celebrations which I am all for. Quebec City has apparently got some of the best Poutine restaurants. If that’s not an excuse to visit, I don’t know what is.

I’d love to know whether you’ve been to Canada? Where would you like to visit in Canada? I’m heading off now to book flights ASAP!


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