Keeping Your Home Secure Whilst Travelling

February 6, 2019

Whilst you’re having the time of your life on holiday, it’s not often you are thinking about what’s going on back at home. Especially not worrying about the security of your home. Sadly, many burglaries take place when the homeowners are out of town. Verisure have some great tips for keeping your home and valuables safe and secure all year round including when you are on holiday. It’s so important to be clued up on these types of things as it’s just small things which could make all the difference in informing someone you are out of town.

Keeping Your Home Secure Whilst Travelling - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

  1. Don’t Tell Everyone

As I stated above, it’s something little which could inform someone that your house is vacant. Try and keep your travel plans quiet and only tell close family and friends who you trust. This information could fall into the wrong hands and before long the whole town will know you’re heading off to Marbella next week.

  1. Keep of Social Media

Similar to the previous point but try and your best to keep off social media. It’s crazy how many people actually see your posts on social media, even if your settings are pretty private. I know it can be very tempting to share all those Instagram-worthy snaps or check-in at some fancy beach club but just wait until you get home.

In addition to this, sharing on social media that you are abroad could affect your Home Insurance if you needed to claim in the event of a burglary. It does depend on what insurance company you are with but a lot of claims have been rejected in recent times because of this!

Keeping Your Home Secure Whilst Travelling - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger


  1. Have Electrics on a Timer

In order to make your home look occupied, maybe invest in a timer for your electricals. We always do this so the lights will automatically come on in the evening. It makes it look like someone is home and may deter some unwanted visitors. You can buy these timers from loads of your high street stores, I’ve found this cheap one from Wilkos here.

  1. Have Someone you trust Regularly Visit

It’s better to be safe than sorry so have someone you trust such a close friend or family member check in on the house a few times whilst you are away. Having someone come and go also makes it look like there’s someone in the house. Depending on how regularly they are visiting maybe have them open and close the blinds and pick up the mail, just so the house looks a little lived in. It’s always good to have that reassurance that everything is okay at home and they can report back to you whilst you’re laying out on a sunbed.

Keeping Your Home Secure Whilst Travelling - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

  1. Keep Valuables in a safe place

If someone was to break into your house, have your valuables in a safe place where it would be hard to find them. Don’t have your laptops, gadgets or cash out on the side where it would be easy to take. Be smart and think of places that you can just hide things from plain sight.

  1. Install an alarm

If you really want the security of knowing that your house will be safe whilst you are away on your holidays then looking into having a security alarm. Verisure have the Number one security systems in Europe, protecting your house and loved ones from threats. It’s always good to have the peace of mind that the security system is connected 24/7 and can quickly respond given the situation.

Hopefully, we all never experience anything terrible such as a burglary but it’s good to be as secure as possible, especially if you are away on a trip. Do you take precautions before you head abroad? Do you try and avoid posting online when on holiday?



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